Modern Warfare Minimap To Undergo More Changes After Beta

As things stand, there seems to be more noise about the minimap than any other gameplay mechanic in the new Modern Warfare; and it’s about to become louder.

Infinity Ward had originally decided to remove the minimap to make gameplay more intense. The goal was to have players rely on their senses and situational awareness. There was obvious displeasure over this change, which convinced the developer to only remove the minimap from competitive play instead.

However, even the professional players weren’t having it. They banded together to force Infinity Ward to bring back the minimap and the developer did so during the beta. Unfortunately for them, the only way to get access to the minimap was through killstreaks and for a brief period, which caused further frustration in the community, and headaches for the developer.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, communications manager Ashton Williams noted that nothing is final as of yet. Infinity Ward is still looking into the minimap debate and intends to find a solution before the launch. The developer will be collecting data and feedback throughout the rest of the beta, meaning that players should get a definitive answer by next week at the earliest.

In the current state of Modern Warfare, you have a permanent minimap in the top-left corner of the screen. However, you can only see teammates unless getting off killstreaks. In previous installments, enemies would appear on the minimap once they fired weapons without silencers. This has always been the case for Call of Duty. As far as the competitive community is concerned, such a staple feature should never have been changed.

The ongoing beta will open up for the public on September 21 across all platforms. You can get in a day earlier by pre-ordering. Infinity Ward might possibly release a patch before then to address some problems. For example, players have randomly been able to see enemies through walls as if they were hacking.

Modern Warfare is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. It won’t be worldwide though. Russia has already banned the game for being too realistic and violent, or at least that’s the current assumption.