Casual Players Won’t Like Nioh 2

Nioh 2 is not for the casuals who prefer easy modes and the game carrying their hands until the credit roll. The topic of accessibility and inclusivity for all is debated across the internet. The community is divided over whether or not there should be an easy mode in video games.

Games like Dark Souls, The Surge, Bloodborne, and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice are at the center of all discussions. Another game in discussion is the upcoming Nioh 2. Developers showed the game at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 and it is clear that this is going to be a tough adventure for the players.

According to game’s producer Fumihiko Yasuda, Nioh 2 won’t offer an easy mode to its players. Each player who enters Nioh must play at the same level of difficulty as others.

The game is a so-called Masocore game, so we want the difficulty to be the same for everyone, even if you may be able to see people beat the bosses on YouTube and that sort of stuff.

Yet we do have things to help out players, for example, the Benevolent Graves and three-player multiplayer, and we do think those will be a big helping hand for people to beat the game

While there is no easy mode, players can summon a buddy through Benevolent Graves, Nioh 2’s asynchronous multiplayer mode.  The game lets you call in a friend to help you when you’re facing a tough boss. It is the same system.

Nioh 2 came to the limelight back at E3 2018 and since then a final release date announcement has been kept under wraps. Even at TGS 2019, the developers didn’t reveal anything but we do know there plan to launch the game sometime next year.

Nioh will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.