Song Of Horror Has Changed And Improved A Lot After Five Years Of Development

The Spanish team Protocol Games has released new details of its promising horror adventure Song of Horror focused on showing how the game has changed throughout its five years of development.

The change at the graphic level is notorious, but other facets of the game have been improved to offer the best possible survival horror.

Shortly after detailing the release plan for Song of Horror, the game’s authors have stressed that the adventure has grown with six redesigned locations and up to five new “ultra-detailed” scenarios.

In total we can get into the skin of 13 characters with a unique history and their own vision of the dark story. The control system has been improved, playability is much better, the user interface has been completely redesigned, and 15 new puzzles and more than 30 new game mechanics have been introduced.

One of the peculiarities of Song of Horror has to do with artificial intelligence, embodied by the dark presence, who will learn from our actions and respond accordingly to make us have a really bad time.

Protocol Games also made the following statement.

We want players to be able to fight back, run or hide, but we don’t want them to feel safe in any way. Regarding permadeath, the idea was to tell a story with a main character and a bunch of supporting characters that could shape that story. We love the idea of having characters instead of lives so, when a character dies, you lose him or her forever.

Song of Horror has 700 new animations, a complete remodeling of the characters, 200 dynamic cinematics that change depending on the chosen character, and more worked lighting. With 4K graphics, horror fans will find more than 2,000 new 3D objects that has been taken care of to the utmost detail.

Here are some key features regarding Song of Horror:

  • Investigate a paranormal mystery in a thrilling story of psychological terror.
  • Beware the Presence, an eldritch entity with its own AI that reacts to your actions and decisions in a non-scripted horror experience.
  • Choose between a group of unique characters: each character brings its own point of view and has a different relation to the story and other characters.
  • You may die, but the horror continues: death is permanent – when a character dies, it’s gone…
  • …but the next one will follow the investigation from where the deceased left it. The world will be shaped by their previous actions.
  • Explore haunting, eerie locations to gather clues and items that will help you solve challenging puzzles while enduring the agonizing tension of the game’s atmosphere

Episodes 1 and 2 of Song of Horror will be released Holloween on Steam, October 31. The other episodes will arrive in December, January, and March 2020.