Modern Warfare Beta Bug Enables Wallhacks

Christmas has come early for the naughty crowd. There’s a nasty bug in the ongoing beta run of Modern Warfare that gives you wallhacks to see enemy players through the environment.

One such player who was luckily on the giving end, and not the receiving end, took to Reddit earlier today to share his gameplay footage. The clip begins with the loading screen of Grazna Raid and as soon as he jumps into the map, you can see tiny red boxes on the screen. These are the enemy players themselves, lit up just like wallhacks do in any other multiplayer game.

So I spawned into this game with wallhacks… from r/modernwarfare

Thankfully, Infinity Ward has taken notice. Replying in the comments, studio art director Joel “ArtPeasant” Emslie stated that it’s a bug in the beta and not wallhacks. He promised that the developer is already looking into it, and an update should be provided soon.

Surprisingly, this is not the only bug that functions like wallhacks in Modern Warfare, at least during the beta. Other players have reported that they sometimes see enemy name tags, instead of tiny red boxes, through the environment. Some have also reported that if an enemy player is standing close to a door, their name tags can be seen through the textures from the other side.

The purpose of a beta is to discover such issues and and solve them before the big day. The Call of Duty franchise is notorious for attracting aimbotters and wallhackers. It’s pretty normal to see third-party coders bypass the anti-cheat of new installments in the very first week. Infinity Ward hasn’t really talked much about how it’s going to ensure a fair playing field, but randomly getting a bug in the beta that enables wallhacks is not a good sign.

The ongoing beta run is about to enter the second phase, meaning that from September 14 to 16, it’ll be open beta on PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to try out Modern Warfare on Xbox One and PC from September 19 to 20. You can go through the entire schedule over here.

Modern Warfare is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. It won’t be worldwide though. Russia has already banned the game for being too realistic and violent.