Gears 5 Kraken Boss Fight Guide – How to Defeat the Kraken, Tips and Strategies

At the end of Act 3 in Gears 5, you will encounter the Kraken boss fight. Kraken isn’t your traditional boss and unlike the Matriarch, the goal here is to escape from the boss instead of killing it. We have compiled this guide for you to defeat the hulking tentacled monstrosity.

Gears 5 Kraken Boss Fight

Players encounter the Kraken at two different points in Gears 5.

Act 3 Fight
When you launch the rocket at the end of Gears 5 Act 3, the Kraken comes out from under the sand and grabs on to the launch platform. Players have to escape from the boss and leave the platform before the rocket launch kills them.

The different decks of the platform are filled with ammo so running out of ammo during this fight is something the players don’t have to worry about till the last stage of the fight.

While the players are on the rocket platform, the Kraken boss will continue to shoot out tongues from the holes on its tentacles. Make sure to shoot the glowing bulges on these tongues to quickly destroy them or the tongues will grab you or your squadmates.

Continue doing this till the second stage of the fight where the Kraken starts to shoot out Flock and Leeches from the holes on its tentacles.

At this stage, your main focus should be to shoot the inside of those open holes to destroy the interior of the tentacles while avoiding damage from the Flock. Deal enough damage and the flock will retreat back inside the Kraken.

During the last stage of the boss fight, players will face off against the main maw of the Kraken itself which once again shoots out multiple lashing tongues to grab players.

Keeping shooting them to avoid damage and to prevent them from grabbing anyone in your team.

Act 4 Fight
The Kraken makes another return at the end of the game as the final boss of Act 4. Players have to defend the city gates against the Kraken with the help of a railgun and multiple COGs assisting them.

This fight is once again just like the Act 3 fight where players will need to shoot the Kraken’s tongues to deal damage, deal with the Flock that spawns while the Railgun recharges.

Once the railgun is recharged, Baird will tell the players to go use it, run to the railgun, align it with the Kraken’s maw and press the fire button.

After the fire railgun attack on the Kraken boss, he will start sucking in air and dragging players and their squadmates in with them. It is important to shoot the glowing tonsils in its mouth at this stage to avoid getting eaten.

Keep repeating the earlier strategy and fire the railgun once it’s charged again. After the 3rd railgun attack, the final Gears 5 boss fight will end and you will be treated to a cutscene.

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