PR Manager Teases New Warner Bros Game, Batman is Returning?

Gray Miereanu, the public relations manager for Warner Bros, has just dropped a hint on Twitter that something new might be coming. Whether it’s a new Warner Bros game or something else, possibly even a new Batman game, remains to be seen, but it’s still a pretty big hint drop.

There hasn’t been a Batman game out since Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015, which ended the Batman Arkham series. Since then there hasn’t been anything new about Batman or any superhero game series, but this might be changing now.

The hint came from Twitter when Miereanu replied to a post made by Roger Craig Smith, who was talking about how difficult it was to stick to an NDA on Twitter even though he really wanted to. Miereanu replied to him that he appreciated his restraint and that the cat would soon be out of the bag.

An NDA stands for a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which prevents anyone involved in the making of a game or other bit of entertainment property, or who has early access to it, from speaking about it before a certain date, with legal consequences if they break it.

There have been various rumors before of a new Warner Bros game coming that might very well be Batman, but at the same time we’ve heard nothing actually be confirmed. While the Arkham series ended conclusively, it just meant that Batman was slipping out of the public eye.

Exactly what Warner Bros is working on that could be a new Batman game (and even that has yet to be actually confirmed) remains a mystery, and if it even is a new Warner Bros game, hopefully it will be a good one that avoids getting a spotty reputation like Arkham Knight.