NBA 2K20 Patch To Fix Gameplay Issues, Promises 2K

2K Sports has finally come out of hiding to promise a magical patch that will supposedly fix most of the gameplay issues plaguing NBA 2K20.

The new installment was released in a half-baked state just a week ago. While new releases generally have bugs, NBA 2K20 is riddled with just too many of them to be called an enjoyable experience. The situation is so bad right now with progression-stopping and gameplay-impairing issues that players have started a social media campaign called #FixNBA2K20 to get some much needed attention from both the developer and publisher.

The massive outcry has seemed to work, at least for the first part since 2K Sports has been relatively quiet during the storm. In a statement passed on to IGN earlier today, an official representative stated that “many of the issues seen during the first couple of days after launch have been fixed”. The community has been assured that the development team is working around the clock to prepare a sizable patch, which will address the other remaining issues as well.

To recap what players have been facing since launch, NBA 2K20 has various server-related and connectivity outages. The many bugs and glitches sometimes result in progression loss and unnatural animations. During gameplay, some moves (like quick passing) may not function as needed. There were also some features that were promised beforehand but were stripped down or scrapped at launch. It goes without saying that the upcoming patch has a lot to fix.

There’s also the matter of aggressive microtransactions, which gives NBA 2K20 a casino feel. The game actually pairs loot boxes with slot machines and roulette wheels. It’s understandable as to why players are so heated over the current state. It’s unlikely that 2K Sports will be toning down the monetization model anytime soon, but it can start with patching the game into a playable state. Just this one fix would make a large number of players happy.

NBA 2K20 is currently the second worst-rated game on Steam and from the looks of it, may even go on to take the blemished crown. It currently has an “overwhelmingly negative” review average on Steam, with only 16 percent of players seeing the game in a positive light.

Should you be still interested, NBA 2K20 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.