Monster Hunter World Iceborne Sales Crunch Over 250,000 Units

The first week of sales are in for Iceborne, the first (and probably) only expansion pack for Monster Hunter World. Despite the change in setting, the monster-hunting masterpiece is off to a great start, relaying to Capcom that it would be a great injustice to stop pumping out more content at this point.

According to a sales report by Famitsu earlier today, Iceborne has sold more than 250,000 copies since launch between its standard and master editions. This may sound underwhelming but note that the figure accounts for only physical sales in Japan. In addition, the sales are for only PlayStation 4. The final tally, which would account digital sales, will undoubtedly double the figure for the country.

The original Monster Hunter World sales for Japan were 1.35 million at launch and around 3 million in total. Not everyone is expected to upgrade their base copy, but something around the million mark may not be unachievable down the road.

Iceborne is expected to be another success story for both Monster Hunter World and Capcom. The original game has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide between all platforms. It will be interesting to see how sales fare up for the expansion pack in the rest of the world, which should be made public by next week. Another thing to note is that Iceborne is currently only available on consoles. The PC release is scheduled for January, which should give sales another sizable boost.

Last week, Capcom announced the first batch of free content heading to Monster Hunter World with a post-Iceborne update. The indomitable Rajang, an ape-like fanged beast with immense physical strength, will be added next month. He has the ability to emit lightning bolts from the mouth, lunge great distances in a second, crush would-be hunters with strong arms, and change the entire environment through chaos.

As for what lies for the franchise in the future, Capcom is going to be building on new ideas of action and communication. The developer is considering to add more events, movie tie-ins, and such to broaden the audience. All of this but with the same gameplay approach as Monster Hunter World.