Chinese Playstation Credit Cards Now Available, Personalized With Different Games

As one of the world’s primary gaming markets, it only stands to reason that eventually Chinese Playstation credit cards would become available in that country. While not related to Playstation in anything but branding, it’s still a nice idea that many Playstation fans likely wish they could get too.

The existence of the cards was revealed on Twitter, showing off not just the box some examples came in, but also the sort of background pictures you could have on them. While there were some with normal Playstation branding, most of them were related to God of War.

Of course, the God of War Chinese Playstation credit cards are likely only one of multiple options that one can pick to personalize their cards, especially since there are so many highly-regarded Playstation exclusive games to choose from.

We don’t have any other card options aside from the various different God of War ones, but Playstation would be missing out if they didn’t allow cards for Horizon Zero Dawn and various other Playstation 4 exclusives to also be used, since God of War is only one of many amazing games.

While the existence of the cards was revealed on Twitter, we haven’t gotten any real information about when these Chinese Playstation credit cards would be available across the world. They may be limited to Asia, or the Chinese release is just a trial run for a wider circulation.

Hopefully it’s the latter option and we’ll soon be able to get Playstation branded credit cards of our own, because it would be a shame for something as cool as this to only be allowed to people in Asia.

Whether or not we get those cards, however, it’s nice to know that other organizations are branching out on this. While we don’t know if it’s just branding or if these cards are actually Playstation-based, getting various things like rewards for buying Playstation games with one would definitely be nice.