Best GreedFall Mods To Install Right Now

It hasn’t even been a week since release but GreedFall has already received a few worthy mods from the hardworking modding community. The game apparently uses a data structure similar to old Bethesda Softworks and Bioware games, meaning that it’s fairly easy to override the original assets and load modded replacement files instead.

All of the mods mentioned below can be downloaded from NexusMods and like always, are solely available for the PC version. Seeing how quickly modders have gone to work, we’re probably looking at a dozen or more mods popping up online in the coming weeks.

Increase your carrying capacity

GreedFall graciously allows you to have a carrying limit of 200 weight from the start. This is more than enough for most players and for most of the play-through, unless you’re a hoarder and refuse to sell unneeded items to a merchant. In either case, there’s a mod to increase the carrying capacity by ten times, raising the carrying limit to a massive 2,000 weight. Download Here.

Show your sheathed weapon

You can have two weapons at the same time in GreedFall. However, they are never displayed on your character. When you do pull out one of those weapons, the second one remains hidden. If you’re interested in displaying that second weapon on your character, while sheathed, there’s a mod to help you out. Heavier and double-handed weapons will be sheathed on your back, while lighter and single-handed weapons will be strapped to your side. Download Here.

Remove the brown filter

You might have noticed that the graphics of GreedFall, though beautiful, have a cinnamon warmth to them. They are intentionally passed through a brown filter, perhaps in a bid to relate to the old, colonial era. You can adjust the colors and and remove the brownish hue with a handy mod, and that too at no performance cost. Download Here

Make everything sharper and vibrant

Like every other game, the environments of GreedFall can also be made sharper and more vibrant with a simple reshade mod. While the color adjustment is minor, without any over-the-top filters, the results are going to leave you surprised. Download Here.

Remove item upgrade requirements

Every piece of equipment can be upgraded in GreedFall. You just need the required crafting materials and crafting levels. This mod removes the latter. Hence, allowing you to upgrade any weapon or clothing to the maximum without even leveling up the crafting talent. Download Here.

Remove item requirements

Basically, the mod of all mods. You can remove all requirements needed for items in GreedFall. This will allow you to equip any weapon or clothing. Hence, you can go for that two-handed hammer even if you’re a single-handed explorer. Download Here.

Earn more experience

If you think earning experience is a drag, take this mod to add an insanely high multiplayer in GreedFall. You’ll be earning 50 times more experience than usual, meaning that you’ll breeze through your skill tree. Download Here.

If you’ve started GreedFall, you’re probably looking for some help to either understand game-related mechanics, elements or quests. We have a dedicated guide section for just that purpose. You can head over there and go through weapon and armor guides, class and reputation guides, crafting and companion guides, tips and tricks, and such.

GreedFall is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.