Greedfall Companion Quests Guide – How to Complete, Earn Faction Reputation, Rewards

As the story progresses in Greedfall, you will come across various factions and each of these will introduce a companion with their backstory that can accompany you on your journey. These Greedfall companions also come with their quests which can affect your relationship with them. Our Greedfall Companion Quests Walkthrough will help you with these quests.

Greedfall Companion Quests

Depending on your choices in Greedfall, these companions react to situations depending on what is said and done.

Regular conversation with these companions eventually determine what kind of relationship you develop with them as ignoring them, or making a mistake would make them leave your party.

The companion quests in Greedfall also work in a similar way as decisions you make in those quests can have a major impact on your relationship with your companions.


The following are all the companion missions for Kurt in Greedfall:

Missing in Action
Begin the quest by talking to Kurt when you arrive at New Serene after talking to Constantin. Kurt would narrate a story about a young amateur.

Go to the barracks and converse with the soldiers about Reiner. Now move to one floor below and the morgue.

A medic would stop you in your tracks at the gate, to go across him, the first talk and then use charisma during the conversation.

Examine the corpse and the respective medical records. Go back to the man and tell him he was lying.

After this return to the quartermaster and proceed with questioning him regarding the lieutenants. Go to the tavern to find another recruit and question him about Reiner.

Also, buy a man a bottle of brandy to learn something new. Go back to the lieutenant of the eleventh squad and inquire him further. After getting another referral, either use charisma, bribe or let Kurt proceed with the hard work.

This will earn you a point of reputation with Coin Guardians.

Amongst the Ghosts

Converse with the character after the completion of Old countries in the New World quest and accompany Kurt to Wenshaganaw. “The Singing Waters” and proceed to the ghost regiment’s camp.

Interrogate the instructors and later the recruits regarding the camp’s situation. There would be some tedious conversations after which another conversation with Wilhelm would shine a light on reality.

As you leave the camp, time would pass automatically. Now return to the camp in the evening and go to Captain Rolf’s office.

Move to the bottom floor and you would come across a torture chamber. Run outside and to Wilhelm to save him from torture. Charisma and intuition can help to resolve the situation more civilly.

After this return back to the basement in the recruit’s barracks, move through the underground passage to the other side.

You can choose to avoid fighting, as in Kurt’s opinion, and sneak behind the guards. Confront Captain Rolf, here you can use charisma intuition and mention to save Wilhelm and fight Rolf and his goons.


The following are all the Greedfall companion quests for Siora:

Find Queen Blandid
Start the quest after completion of Battle of Red Spears by talking to Siora and agreeing to help her.

Go to Verdad “The Red Woods” and talk to the Captain of the Outpost. After Siora is done paying her respects to her mother proceed to converse with the woman.

Proceed to talk to the captain, utilizing charisma to give you access to the body. If he does not agree, change his mind using another way.

After that, retrieve the letter from officer’s quarters, now proceed with looking for the key for the chest or lock pick to break in.

Find more incriminating material, move to the agreed-upon meeting point and take cover behind the rocks.

Sit through the cut scene, proceed with defeating the smugglers and converse with the captain. Now use the option to return to the village of Vedrhais automatically. Now talk to Eseld and share all that you know.

This will now finish the quest and reward you.


These are all the companions quests related to Vasco in Greedfall:

A Name for a Family
After arriving at New Serene, converse with Constantin and talk to Vasco. This would mark the beginning of this new side quest.

Do a reconnaissance at the captain’s office were Vasco would advise you to get four sleeping potions. They can either be bought, from a merchant, if you are diplomatic in your dealing, or can be brewed yourself.

Go to the tavern’s basement to talk to the brothel’s owner, Dieter. He can be convinced to help, by using charisma or bribed with a hundred gold pieces.

Now meet with Vasco, dressing up as Nauts is possible, and wait for Dieter’s daughter, or come back later.

Of the two options, if you happen to wait for Dieter’s daughter, you would have to enter the harbor at night. Jump the fence and proceed to find Vasco’s file in the chest.

In case you are caught Vasco would be a bit cross which would result in a negative reputation with him. As for the rest, you would be rewarded accordingly.

Family Reunion
After completion of the previous quest talk to Vasco after some time, that is after completing a task from the main story.

Interrogate Madam Morange in New Serene and go to Madame Cler to discuss Vasco’s affairs. Charisma and intuition can be used, or just pay a hundred pieces of gold to get some information from her.

Now go to Hikmet Region and double down on Ferhat to make him confess his guilt. To accomplish this first move to the basement and try to make an employee spill some stuff about his boss, charisma would help here.

Converse with Ferhat again after which leave and look for debt collectors. Bribe two hundred pieced of gold as debt, attack them, use charisma or just ask to pay later.

Remember that attacking would make you end up losing reputation with Congregation of merchants.

Forever a Naut
Converse with Vasco after completion of the previous quests to begin this one. Go to New Serene and speak with the admiral. She would tell you to find the Oriflamme wreckage.

Go to Wengshaw “The Singing Waters” and proceed to the marker, which would lead you to a cave. Continue through to the end where you would discover shipwreck on the shore.

Explore this and interact with all objects possible. After that, you would have to go to a smaller cave that would be harboring a monster.

Fight him, Nadaig Glendemen, watch out as he packs a lot of armor and health points. It addition it has various attacks and can burrow itself in the ground.

He can also protect himself by generating a shield that would harm you and attack with his long scary tentacles.

Patience is the key here as this fight get stretched out, you can either leave the fight for later once you level up.

After accomplishing this part bring the captain’s remains to the admiral. Proceed to accompany Vasco to the tattooist. Once Vasco gets another tattoo the quest is now complete.


Petrusa’s companion questline in Greedfall is given below:

The Vices of Mother Cardinal
After completing Old Countries New World quest talk to Petrusa and travel to San Mateus. Converse with Mother Cardinal, this would be during Trouble in Eden quest.

Now move upstairs to search the women’s apartments. Move to the basement, buy three comfortable vests form a nearby merchant, equip them and proceed to the cellars.

Go through the indicated chambers and then to the innkeeper. Proceed to the prostitute’s chamber where you can bribe a guard with fifty gold pieces or you can also use intuition’s talent.

Converse with women, you can use charisma to find more information about the woman you are talking to. Our main objective is to talk to the woman in a green coat.

After this interrogate the bookmaker and after that the usurer. Proceed now to the indicated place to find Candy Cane, you have to go at night so in case it is needed, let the time pass. Conversing with Candy Cane would finally complete the companion quest.

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