Greedfall Classes Guide – Warrior, Technical, Magic, Which Class Should You Choose?

When playing Greedfall, the first decision you’ll make after creating your character is picking your class. There are 3 different Greedfall Classes: Warrior, Technical, Magic and each has its own set of unique skills and attributes.

As you progress further in the game, you’ll be able to spread your skills outwards into other class trees so you are no longer locked to one playstyle. This Classes Guide lists all the starting classes in the game.

Greedfall Classes

There are three starting classes to choose from in Greedfall, each with their strengths and weaknesses that affect your early gameplay such as the weapons you can use.

The following is a rundown of all the character classes in the game that will help you decide the one you should choose.

Warrior Class

Warrior Class in Greedfall is about gaining proficiency in melee combat. You start with Firearms and One-Handed Blades / Heavy Weapons.

  • Recommended Talents: Craftsmanship and Vigor
  • Recommended Attributes: Strength and Endurance

Technical Class

Technical Class in Greedfall is for the more strategic-minded players. You use your mind to plan out your strategy for controlling the battlefield. You’ll be proficient with Fire, Arms, One-Handed Blades and Elemental Traps.

  • Recommended Talents: Science and Lockpicking
  • Recommended Attributes: Accuracy and Agility

Magic Class

Magic Class in Greedfall is excellent for long-range combat. Just keep your distance and start spells from your Magic Rings to take down foes keeping in mind that even basic attacks require mana.

You can use magic such as your Magic Ring and Stasis. If needed, you can still handle yourself with a few One-Handed Heavy Weapons.

  • Recommended Talents: Science and Intuition
  • Recommended Attributes: Mental Power and Willpower

This is all we have on Magic, Technical, and Warrior in Greedfall. If you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!