Yakuza: Like a Dragon Receives New Images And Details About Its Protagonist

SEGA, who announced the new installment of Yakuza a few days ago, has revealed new images of this expected title that will arrive in 2020 and will receive the title of Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the West for PS4.

The new images, as SEGA has confirmed, belong to the start of the game. In them we see how Ichiban Kasuga, the new protagonist, spends about 18 years in jail after killing the young heir of the Arakawa family, Jo Sawashiro, at the request of his mentor Masumi Arakawa. After that, and going out to the streets, he will realize that nobody respects him and that he does not have allies or friends.

The Tojo Clan has collapsed following strong police pressure by the Tokyo security corps, and the district is now controlled and guarded by the Osaka police and Omi Alliance.

Your protagonist, raised in Kamurocho and an unknown father and mother, was raised by the local manager Soapland. After his death, Ichiban decided not to go to school and was soon aware of the danger of low funds. Being rescued by Arakawa and his family, he decided to join the clan, showing genuine devotion to Masumi Arakawa, whom his father has always considered.

The new Yakuza is set in Yokohama, a region three times larger than Kamurocho, and has a mix of traditional and urban environments.

Other of the official revealed characters are the martial artist Joe Sawashiro of the Arakawa clan, affiliated with Omi Alliance; Nanba, a homeless man who will save the protagonist’s life when he is shot; and Masumi Arakawa, of the Arakawa clan, who revealed information from the Tojo clan to the police – managing to destroy the clan.

The interface reminds one of Persona 5 or Trails of Cold Steel, among others, and each button is associated with an action. During the presentation it was mentioned that distance is one of the most important elements in the combat system, and the actions that the characters can perform depend on the proximity to the enemy or the environment.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will premiere as a turn-based combat system that will be a revolution in games that have so far opted for action. Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama has offered some new details regarding it.

Yokoyama explains that although the actions are carried out with commands, the fight is in constant motion. In a classic RPG, enemies and characters are static, but in this Yakuza everything is more dynamic. In addition, except for some cases of bosses, when you find opponents the fight begins directly in that place and with the positions of that moment. Sometimes you will have advantages, but in others they will assault you in the back.

When you go into battle, companions, enemies, and even the city is still moving. The characters turn to the enemies and keep their distances. As in Yakuza, bicycle and other objects can be used as weapons or obstacles.

The order of the turns is determined by the parameters of the characters, although there are many aspects that affect the result. For example, an enemy could prevent your attack if you assault directly. The distances, the environment, character class or features affect the fight. In addition, some techniques could hit several enemies simultaneously if they are in the range of action.

In a situation where you are pushed to the road you could be hit by a car. Naturally, it will hurt you. This system is called ‘Live Command RPG Battle’ because you fight in a space where people and the city are moving.

There will be an automatic mode that selects the actions according to the character class, although it may not always work as you wish and therefore a manual control will be preferable.

I remind you that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will arrive in 2020.

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