Everything That Rise Of The Ghosts DLC Brings To Rage 2

The post-apocalyptic open-world of Rage 2 is about to become bigger (and more dangerous) with Rise of the Ghosts, the first inbound expansion pack.

In an announcement made earlier today, publisher Bethesda Softworks detailed all of the new included content. Starting with the new eponymous enemy faction, Ghosts. They were once a terror in the wasteland and known for their ruthlessness and cruelty. This group took whatever it wanted and never left any survivors. Through the years, the Ghosts were seen more like a plague until they disappeared during the time of the Authority War.

Many thought that the Ghosts had been wiped out. In reality, they had just fled to the mysterious Overgrown City at the behest of a woman named Iris who promised them great power and glory. Following years of intensive brainwashing and genetic experimenting, the Ghosts have returned, only with strange new abilities and an insatiable hunger for blood.

In Rise of the Ghosts, the Ghosts are out to reclaim their place in the wasteland. This naturally results in a new storyline for you to explore in Rage 2. However, it’s not just the Ghosts. You’ll be exploring their Overgrown City as well, which holds many secrets and answers about the new terror faction.

In addition, Rise of the Ghosts adds a new weapon called Feltrite Laser Launcher to help you curb the potential uprising. There’s also a new ability called Void that can suspend enemies in the air or make their heads explode. If that’s not enough, the expansion pack introduces the new Ghost Motorcycle that must be brought back from the Overgrown City.

For those interested in lore, the Ghosts were actually introduced in the first Rage. Their debut in Rage 2 comes through the Rise of the Ghosts expansion pack, which is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 26, 2019. Those who own the Deluxe Edition will automatically gain access. Those who do not will have to either pull out their wallets or spend 1,500 Rage Coins through the in-game store. Whatever you do, just know that Rise of the Ghosts promises to bring the chaos meter all the way into the red.

Rage 2 released earlier this year in May to somewhat warm reviews, based on solid gunplay and writing. It was using Denuvo to protect itself from piracy, a plan that fell part quickly as the game was cracked within the first week of launch.