NBA 2K20 Issues, Error Code 56d85b, MyCareer Crashes, Point Earning Issues

NBA 2K20 released this past weekend, and as with every high-profile gaming release, there are already a number of issues that have popped up with it, especially on the PC version. While there are obviously a large number of NBA 2K20 bugs, some of the most visible include a particular error code and various issues with MyCareer.

We’ve compiled a list of general fixes for the major issues that we’ve found, so hopefully, some of these will be able to work on your own games.

Error Code 56d85b Fix

Error code 56d85b is probably one of the most easily fixable parts of this entire thing, as it’s referring to a connection error whenever you try and play online (which, considering you’re always online in NBA 2K20, presents a significant problem).

In order to address this, the answer is fairly simple: all you have to do is reset your router so that the game can hopefully connect to it properly and actually allow you to play the game.

Black Screen Fix

This is a common issue with PC games and NBA 2K20 is no exception. start the game and when the black screen appears, press “Alt + Enter” and the game will go into windowed mode and will start to display. Just go to the video settings and set the proper resolution and you’ll be able to play the game in fullscreen mode.

MyCareer Crash, Crash At Launch Fix

Thankfully, 2K Sports has acted quickly to take care of this particular issue. Previously, the word was going around that players couldn’t play in their MyCareer mode without it crashing on them, rendering one of the game’s main draws unplayable. It was especially noticeable since every other game mode worked fine.

Now, however, 2K Sports has released a patch for the game that will hopefully address at least a few NBA 2K20 bugs, including this one. So, to fix it, all you have to do is just download the patch and hopefully, especially since 2K Sports said that it would fix crashing, you’ll finally be able to play the mode.

Also for some players, the game is crashing at launch. There are a couple of reasons for the game to crash at launch. The first reason is that you haven’t installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 and installing Visual C++ 2015 redistributables or the files are corrupt. Download these and install/repair them to and the crash at startup issue will be resolved.

If this doesn’t resolve the crash then your anti-virus software or Windows Defender might be the culprit behind this by detecting the game’s exe file as a trojan. Either make an exception for the game’s exe file in your anti-virus or just disable it.

MyCareer Point Earning Issue Fix

One of the other more pressing issues facing gamers in NBA 2K20 is a bug that keeps you from earning MyCareer Points, meaning that no matter how well you play in a game you’ll likely not get the points you deserve for it.

While there isn’t really a fix for it aside from knowledge of game mechanics (mainly knowing what moves in the game get you what points), 2K Sports has said that they can see the points that players are owed, and when the issue is fixed you’ll get all of the points that you’re owed.

Sim To Next Appearance

This is an issue that players are experiencing while creating a new character. There are two reasons which are causing this issue. So, here is the fix.

The first reason why this issue is occurring is that players are playing NBA 2K20 on FPS higher than 60 and have disabled vertical sync. Just set your display at 60 Hz and turn on Vertical sync and you can continue with the game.

If this doesn’t fix the issue for you then Alt + Tb multiple times and the game will slow down which will let you simulate.

Performance Fix

Players are experiencing stutters and low FPS while playing NBA 2K20. Here are a few things that might help you with the game’s performance.

Update your GPU drivers to the latest version and make sure there is no background proceed running using too much of your HDD or CPU.

Open Nvidia Control Panel> Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings. Select NBA 2K20 and make the following changes.

Set “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”
Set“Texture Filtering- Quality” to “High Performance”.

These should resolve any stuttering and performance issue you are experiencing with NBA 2K20.

Considering how poor of a reception NBA 2K20 has gotten since it released, it’s not surprising that there are so many NBA 2K20 issues around that have players up in arms. Hopefully, 2K Sports will be able to rectify all of these in a timely manner.