Google Wants To Enable Cross-Progression In All Stadia Games

Google will bet heavily on its Google Stadia service. One of the most important features will be cross-play and the cross-progression between some games available for this platform, consoles and PC. Recently, we learned that the plans for this last feature are more ambitious, as they expressed the desire to enable cross-progression in all Google Stadia games.

During an interview with the StadiaCast YouTube channel (via GamesIndustry), John Justice, vice president of Google Stadia spoke about some of the most important features of this service. According to the Google Stadia VP and head of product, Google makes efforts to allow the progression to be shared on all consoles and that players do not have barriers to play, as it will be essential in the next generation.

We are trying to do it [cross progression] with every title we bring to STADIA. That is something we see as a key piece of the next generation. We are trying to encourage the next generation to be about openness, it’s about being able to play in your groups of friends, it’s about tearing down these walled gardens, it’s about being able to preserve your progression wherever you are.

Justice said that, despite his efforts, there are several companies that have denied them this option, and that others allow it only in some of their titles.

On the other hand, Justice took the opportunity to clear the uncertainty generated around the service, as some players believe they must pay for the base service in addition to being able to play on the platform, when in fact it is not. Justice clarified the doubts by comparing Stadia Pro with services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold.

As you know, basically, the service will be free (Stadia Base model), and will allow you to play in 1080p and 60 fps and with stereo sound with all the titles you acquire. But there will also be a subscription (Stadia Pro), which will cost $9.99 per month and with it you can increase the quality of the experience with 5.1 audio and support for graphics up to 4K and HDR.

With this subscription, the user will also have to pay for the games they want, although some titles will have a discount. In addition, they will give away games regularly. Hence, they compare it rather with PlayStation Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold instead of Netflix (in which there is a free catalog available for paying a subscription).

Instead, the Founder’s Edition is a package that includes a 3 month subscription to Stadia Pro, a controller, Chromecast Ultra and a Buddy Pass. With the Buddy Pass, you can give a Stadia Pro 3 month subscription to someone else.

Justice also assured that other features will come to the platform, such as parental control, game tests, and a system with which mods can be implemented in some titles.

Google Stadia will debut next November in some countries and is expected to be available in more territories later. A confirmed title for its release is Destiny 2 and others, such as Darksiders Genesis and Cyberpunk 2077 will also arrive when they debut.