Borderlands 3 Has The Best Fast Travel Mechanics Ever

Borderlands 3 has received a few quality-of-life improvements to its fast travel mechanics that make it fairly easier and convenient to move around.

As long as you have discovered a fast travel station in Borderlands 3, you can fast travel to it from anywhere on the map. You’re not required to be standing close or interacting directly with the station. You just need to select them on the map to immediately warp there. This also works for vehicles, which serve as mobile fast travel stations. They can be parked in useful locations such as outside of enemy camps, and can be fast travelled to once you’re done clearing the area. Though, you’ll need to first ensure that there are no enemies nearby.

This is not limited to the map you’re in. You can also fast travel from one zone to another in the same way. Hence, making travelling very, very easy.

Borderlands 3 even improves how instances are saved. Previously, if you saved and quit in an instance, you would be sent back to the closest fast travel station. You would then have to walk or drive all the way back into the instance, should there be a need. In Borderlands 3, when you do the same, you get sent back to the closest respawn station instead, which is usually just before the instance boss appears. Suffice to say, this little change makes it easier to farm bosses now. Once you have killed the boss of an instance, you just have to save, quit, and relog to appear before the boss and hope they drop that legendary item you’re looking for.

The new improvements to fast travel tie directly with another set of improvements to side missions in Borderlands 3. There are now multiple outlets on the map from where you can accept the same side mission. This saves you from going out of your way to accept or submit a particular side mission because chances are that you’ll have a nearby outlet to do so.

Overall, Borderlands 3 ensures that you can reach any point in the game from the middle of nowhere. This might be hard to digest for role-players but honestly, the franchise has never been about immersion.

Borderlands 3 reviews are currently being shared online. The new installment has mostly been received warmly with some critics pointing out that it’s pretty much the same. That’s actually something that fans would love to hear. Recently at Gamescom 2019, the developer revealed the endgame content for Borderlands 3 in the form of two modes: Proving Grounds and the Circle of Slaughter.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled to fast travel to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13, 2019.