The Ultimate Dying Light 2 Wishlist

Last month, Techland Publishing began asking for community suggestions and feedback to improve Dying Light 2 as much as possible. The developer shared a submission form online through which you can present your wishlist.

Interestingly, the developer also asked for possible improvements in the first game, perhaps signifying continued support. That’s logical when seeing how the sequel is not that different from the original in terms of core gameplay. It’s why the following wishlist is pretty much based on improving mechanics from the first game rather than wanting something new altogether.

Meaningful final boss fight

Imagine undergoing a hellish climb to reach the top of a skyscraper while escaping zombie hordes, only for a final boss fight that lasts less than a minute. The only intensity that Rais offered at the end of the first game was a series of button prompts. You shouldn’t be asked to craft the best weapons possible when you’re not even going use them. Anyone who had to go through that atrocious showdown would know why this tops the wishlist for Dying Light 2.

Filtering the inventory system

This is something that not only qualifies for the Dying Light 2 wishlist but also for the first game. Fact is that there was no way to find something in your inventory. Since you had pretty much limitless space, it only made the job harder as you stored more and more items. Even transferring something from storage was a pain. Blueprints, the crafting tab, did have some filtering options but not to sort by damage, element, or weapon type.

Storing extra ammunition

Despite being able to store an endless amount of weapons and items, there was a limit to ammunition. Dying Light 2 may also not want you to keep relying on firearms, but it can allow you to store extra ammunition. It’s not something game-breaking but something to add to the wishlist.

Adding a scope or binocular

There was a binocular in the first game but only as a quest item that you needed to fetch. In the same category of having some sort of far-sight, there weren’t even any scopes for weapons. This wishlist for Dying Light 2 is fairly simple. Add a usable binocular to survey the area, a sniper rifle at the very least, or both.

Upgrading the grappling hook

There were all sorts of upgrades in the first game to help you survive against the undead. Surprisingly, there were none for the grappling hook, which was undoubtedly a core part of gameplay. In this regard, Dying Light 2 could have a few improvements that either reduce the reloading cooldown or increase the grappling distance.

More reasons to go out at night

The first game encouraged you to sleep during the night. You could, of course, head out for some adrenaline-pushing challenge but there was no other reason to do so. Dying Light 2 could improve on this by offering more loot and rewards at night. The wishlist here is basically adding time-dependent items so that killing a Volatile makes more sense, or opening nightly vendors with exclusive offerings.

Bringing in dedicated servers

It’s possible that Dying Light 2 will have dedicated servers because of how connection issues plagued the first game, which had peer to peer setups. It can’t be stressed enough how important dedicated servers are for a game that focuses on cooperative gameplay. Dropping mid-game just ruins it. This request should be at the top of the wishlist pile.

Retaining the Survivor Sense

It’s just ridiculous that the first game disabled Survivor Sense in hard mode. You could still see enemies but not interactive objects. Almost every room had numerous containers, bags, shelves, and such to open. With them being part of the environment, it’s pretty difficult to tell them apart. Dying Light 2 doesn’t need to limit Survivor Sense in higher difficulty settings.

Having fast travel

This feature is debatable to include in the wishlist. Dying Light 2 will have a world that’s four times larger than the first. While the franchise does revolve around parkour, there are times when you just don’t want to traverse rooftops to reach the far end of the map. Having a few fast travel locations could be beneficial.

Dying Light 2 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in spring 2020. Techland Publishing won’t be announcing a concrete release date until everything is running according to expectations. In the mean time, should you have a wishlist of your own, do share it with the developer.