Gears Of War 5 Accessibility Gets Perfect Score From CanIPlayThat.Com

Gears of War 5 accessibility apparently goes far beyond people being able to pick up the controller and get into it. The game is now the first Triple-A game to be able to get a perfect score from the website CanIPlayThat.Com, which judges games based on their accessibility to the hearing impaired.

Specifically, the game got a 6 out of 6 rating on the website for its friendliness towards the deaf and hard of hearing. However, this has nothing to do about the sound balancing or the volume of the games, but instead the depth of the game’s subtitles.

The game’s subtitles offer a variety of different options for people that are hearing impaired in various ways. To help with Gears of War 5 accessibility, its options menu includes a size meter for its subtitles to make them bigger, and the subtitles also include various ways to inform hearing-impaired gamers where dialogue is coming from.

For instance, the subtitles distinguish if people are speaking in the same area or on a radio, there are ellipses to note pauses, what a speaker sounds like while talking to you such as if they’re somehow distorted, and even point out various ancillary noises made like groans, screams, and more. The subtitles even say when the music drops out.

With very few games actually taking disabled gamers into account, having Gears of War 5 accessibility be so high for deaf and hard of hearing gamers is a nice gesture, especially if those gamers have been fans of the Gears of War games for a while but have been unable to fully appreciate the game due to their disability.

So, if you’re deaf or hard of hearing and have been interested in a Gears of War game but never able to experience it, Gears of War 5 is undoubtedly your best bet. Gears of War 5 comes out tomorrow for the Xbox One and PC.