Gears 5 Relic Weapons Locations Guide – Where to Find All Relic Weapons

When playing Gears 5, you might stumble upon some Relic Weapons that have buffs placed upon them to make them more effective. You can add even more special features to them by upgrading them. There are a total of 17 Relics and this guide lists how to find them all.

Gears 5 Relic Weapons Locations

This guide lists the locations of each known Relic Weapon:

Boltok Relic

Go left from the Condor Crash Site in Act 2, Chapter. The Boltok Relic will be marked by a red skull on a cliff.

Boomshot Relic
In Act 2, head to the North Tower substation in The Valley. There are two generators to the right of it so go between them. You’ll get the Boomshot Relic from the right.

Claw Relic

During the third acts of Chapters 1 and 3 when you head north of the City Ruins, you’ll come across a bunch of dome shamed structures and one has this Relic. It’ll be marked by a red skull.

Dropshot Relic
In Act 2, keep your eye out for a patch of ice while you’re searching for the signal source. The ice has a red gear omen on it, and there’s an opening to its left. Enter it to collect the Dropshot Relic.

Embar Relic

Act 3: Chapter 3 – Near the Condor Crash Site in the far southeast corner of the map, close to the Turntable objective, find this weapon near the wrecked tail of the airplane. It’s a little ways away from the crash site proper, but easy to spot.

Enforcer Relic

In Act 2 of Chapter 2, head to the cliffs that are by the closed gate at the start of the open world. You’ll spot the weapon marked by a skull to the left in the tree.

Gnasher Relic

You find this relic during the third acts of Chapters 1 and 3.  This relic is marked by a red skull against a cliff that is just north of the Cosmonaut Training Facility.

Hammerburst Relic

During the same Act as the last relic, head East to the City Ruins side-objective. You’ll find a small structure that you can enter through an open gate. Go in and pulse the location to get this relic.

Lancer Relic

Head to the Cargo Shipwreck objective during the third act of Chapter 3 and the relic will be marked by a Red Skull just by the ship.

Lancer GL Relic

During the same chapter, go through the tunnel that leading to the Cosmonaut Training Facility. The relic is against a pillar that is adjacent to the winding tunnels.

Longshot Relic

During the first Missing Outsiders mission, go to the shacks just outside of The Longshot Relic can be found in the old wooden shacks near New Hope.

Markza Relic

During the third act of 3, go to the At the Pump Station side-objective and you’ll spot the relic marked by a red skull on the cliffs.

Overkill Relic

You’ll encounter this relic in Act 3 of Chapter 3 on top of a big rock that is just north of the Bridge Control Station objective.

Retro Lancer Relic

In Act 2 of Chapter 4, you’ll come across a pond that has frozen when you head go East from COG wall. You’ll find the Retro Lancer by a tree, marked by a red skull on a big rock.

Snub Relic

During Act 3 of Chapter 3, head East of the Rocket Hangar entrance. On the green / white techno walls, you’ll eventually spot a red skull marking this relic’s location.

Talon Relic

Right when you start at the Abandoned Airport where you start the same act, exit to the Skiff and then enter the first of three big hangars to find the relic.

Torque Bow Relic

When going to the Abandoned Mine in the South of the Valley during Act 2, stick to the dirt track and you’ll find the weapon next to a wooden support. This is just south-west of the East Comm. Tower.