Gears 5 Best Weapons Guide – Which Weapons Should You Choose?

Weaponry is a huge part of the combat in Gears 5. The game has a wide variety you can choose from that ranges from Pistols to Heavy Weapons. Some weapons are better than others in different regards so before you start shooting, we’ve prepared this little guide that lists the best weapons in the Gears 5.

Best Gears 5 Weapons

Choosing the best weapon in Gears 5 depends on your playstyle, what you prefer, and the overall feel of the weapon.

While we think these are some of the best weapons in Gears of War 5, your thoughts on what the best weapon is may vary.


If you’re looking for some decent standard weapons, you should try giving these weapons a go both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

1. Lancer GL
This weapon has a laser targeting system for its grenade launcher that helps make it very accurate.

2. Longshot
This sniper rifle is a campaign relic that has an excellent rate of fire.

3. Gnasher Shotgun
A large clip, high damage and fairly decent reload time for a shotgun. What more could you want?


A good pistol can save your life in different situations. These are some of the best pistols in Gears 5 you should consider equipping.

1. Boltok Pistol
This gun has a great clip size and is extremely accurate over moderate distances since you can zoom in. It does fairly good damage too.

2. Talon Pistol
This automatic machine Pistol does a lot of damage to smaller foes when fired in short bursts to keep. It’s an excellent choice for close-range combat.

Heavy Weapons

Finally, coming to Heavy Weapons, there are not a whole lot to choose from but these should get the job done.

1. Tri-Shot
This chaingun is great for doing explosive damage at a close range. Have it ready for use with its DR-1.

2. RL-4 Salvo
This missile launcher has a pretty good rate of fire for a launcher and is great for crowd control. Its large radius lets it kill multiple targets at once.

Heavy Weapons have a limited amount of ammo and you can’t refill by picking up supplies so be careful. Use these weapons only when necessary.