Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Footage Dated

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Road to Launch details have arrived that gives us an idea when can we expect Modern Warefare Campaign footage.

Modern Warfare is going back to the roots of this franchise, gritty, tactical combat gameplay mixed with brutally blunt and honest storytelling. We have seen tons of multiplayer footage but hardcore COD fans are eager to see the story mode in action.

According to Activision, Modern Warfare campaign footage will be shared by the end of September.

The road to launch shows the reveal date for Spec Ops game mode as well. The weeks leading up to the release of Modern Warfare will be exciting to say the least.

The Most Controversial Story To Date?

It isn’t clear if Modern Warfare’s story is controversial by Call of Duty standards or people are now more sensitive to the realities of the world.

The reveal trailer for the game confirmed that the story mode features several regions and the return of Captain Price. We will be dealing with multiple controversial topics. The recent gameplay preview shown behind closed doors at E3 sparked concern among some journalists over gore, sexual violence, and killing women. It portrays the reality of operating in the grey area, especially when you show the use of chemical weapons.

The next trailer is expected to drop even bigger bombshells. Most of the community is behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s current direction and Activision made it clear there won’t be any censorship.