Spyro Reignited Trilogy Skill Points Guide – Unlock More Skill Points, Lives

You would not be wrong in viewing the Skill Points available in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy as trophies or achievements – they are essentially just that. By performing certain tasks you are likely to unlock a Skill Point, and with enough Skill Points, you’ll be able to unlock concept art for the games and receive extra lives.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Skill Points

Insomniac originally introduced Skill Points in Spyro 2 on the original Playstation. With the Reignited Trilogy, they’ve now added them to the re-mastered Spyro 1 as well. The list below will guide you on how to achieve Skill Points for each game.

SPYRO 1 (14 Skill Points):


Once you are able to control Spyro, go to the hilltop where the two Gnorcs are. From there, look for a lone ledge near the hedge maze. There will be gems and a treasure chest on top of the ledge. You’ll be rewarded the Skill Point as soon as you land on it.


To achieve this Skill Point, you must search for a Pink Tulip and burn it. The Tulip can be found on the higher area of the level. Go to the upper area and, standing above the tunnel that connects the two areas, you’ll see a bush on the far ends of the tunnel. The Tulip can be found to the right of the bush that is overlooking the field, next to the tower.


In this level, several bulls will be running around. Instead of flaming them, charge into them. This will cause their horns to get stuck in the ground. Do this with every bull and you’ll receive the Skill Point. Do not flame them once they’re stuck, you may end up losing the chance to get the Skill Point.


This one is quite simple. In this area, you’ll come across 9 Foot Soldiers. To get the Skill Point, flame one of these Foot Soldiers and scare the rest into running into their tents. Only 6 of the 9 need to go to their tents for you to get the Skill Point. This must be done in one go, and the Foot Soldiers need not enter 1 tent for you to get the Skill Point.


Beat the boss, Dr. Shemp, without taking any damage. Getting hit by any enemy other than Dr. Shemp will not void the Skill Point.


Within the High Caves, you’ll need to find a Hidden Painting and burn it. Once you’ve dispensed with the Green Druids, glide past the platform they were standing on and reach the room at the very end. Once you’ve walked past the threshold, on the right side wall, perpendicular to the entryway, you’ll see the painting; burn it!


At the midway point of this level, you’ll reach a cave where several Druids are moving platforms. To get the Skill Point, simply stand on one of these platforms for 10 seconds.


Midst this level you’ll come across floors that are sporadically electrified by Gnorc Dudes. To get the Skill Point you must not receive any damage from these electrical floors and reach the Return Home Vortex. Killing the Gnorc Dude is not necessary.


Much like Dr. Shemp, you must beat the boss, Metalhead, without receiving any damage from him. Receiving damage from any other enemy will not void the Skill Point.


On the way to Icy Flight, you’ll need to find a secret room in order to get the Skill Point. On the teal-roofed castle, you will find two Armoured Fools. Beat them and go up the steps until you see two Clock Fools (flaming the Clock Fools will activate two platforms). On the right-hand side you’ll see a stone ledge (opposite to the first pillar). Cross the illusion wall and stand on the glowing, green pad to get the Skill Point.


To get this Skill Point, you must locate a Blue Wizard Hat and burn it. Using the Super Flame gifted to you by the second Purple Fairy, bust down a metal door that’ll be nearby. Go to the first whirlwind, and glide towards the way you come from; there will be a flight of stairs. Go up to the ledge and in the distance, you’ll see a castle on top of a small platform. Fly towards it, the Wizard Hat is there; burn it!


This one’s a little bit tricky, so you might have to try this one a few times to really get it. Once you’ve landed in the central area of the level, you’ll be able to spot a tower to the left, behind it there is a grassy platform with a hidden stump on it. You must reach this stump and ram it. To reach it, go through the level normally until you’ve gone past the zig-zag hallway. Once you reach the balcony, look to your right and you’ll see a platform with a tree on it; fly to it. From there, glide over to the tower and then around the tower in order to reach the stump. Ram it once you’re there.


Like the previous two bosses, you must beat Jacques without taking any damage from him.


Beat Gnasty Gnorc without taking any damage from him. Like all previous bosses, getting hit by anyone other than the boss will not void the Skill Point.


Collecting a Skill Point will earn you an extra life; collecting 8 will unlock the Epilogue in the Guidebook once you’ve beaten Ripto, and collecting all 16 Skill Points will extend the Epilogue so as to include the ‘Extinct Animals’ section.


At the outermost back part of Idol Springs, there is a Supercharge loop where you must destroy statues with Hula Girls on top of them. In the center of this area, there is a stone idol. Go to a high area and glide from there to reach the top of this idol; doing that will get you the Skill Point.


You must get a perfect score in the Ice Hockey mini-game. Flame your opponent to stop him from reaching your goal. If he scores a goal, leave the area until the scores disappear; head back and start again until you’ve got a perfect score!


Throughout Hurricos, there are several miniature windmills; destroying all of them will reward you the Skill Point. There are 8 windmills in total:

Windmill #1: Head through the first Forcefield Gate, following the wall to your right you’ll come across a ledge; jump up to it. Face the way you came from and you’ll see the windmill.

Windmills #2 and 3: There will be an elevated area near the next Forcefield Gate. Head to the edge and you’ll find the windmills there.

Windmill #4: Past the Forcefield and Zoe, there will be a grassy area, to the right you’ll find the next Windmill.

Windmill #5: Between the next Forcefield Gate and Powerup Pylons.

Windmill #6: Head down the route leading to the Stone Thief Chase Challenge. Walk around the steps to find the Windmill.

Windmill #7: Head through the gate, on the right side you’ll see the Windmill.

Windmill #8: Locate the Whirlwind that takes you to Factory Glide 2, and keep going until you’re on top of the 2nd Forcefield Gate. On the right you’ll see a grassy platform that’s near where you started the level; glide to it and destroy the Windmill you’ll find there.


To get this Skill Point you’ll need the Superflame power-up, and use that to destroy all Seaweed Fronds. It’s easier to do once you’ve unlocked the Permanent Superflame power-up. The power-up is only available at the end of the level, so you’ll have to retrace your steps in order to get all the Seaweed Fronds. There are 12 in total:

Frond #1: Once you’ve exited the tunnel leading from the 1st room to the second, you’ll find it to your left.

Fronds #2 and 3: In the Metal Shark Cave.

Fronds #3, 4 and 5: In the Metal Shark Tunnel.

Frond #7: Between Hunter’s Manta Ray Plateau and the Entrance.

Frond #8: Close to the central tower with the passageway at the bottom.

Frond #9: Found underneath the arch that’s connecting the two towers.

Frond #10: Next to a sheep near Hunter’s Manta Ray Plateau.

Frond #11: Near King Flippy.

Frond #12: Near a sheep underneath the arch behind King Flippy.


Complete the course in under 1 minute and 10 seconds.


Receive no damage from the boss, Crush, throughout the battle.


Near the end of this area, you’ll come across 4 Catbats. Kill them using nearby rocks and earn the Skill Point.


There are 7 cacti spread throughout the area that you must flame in order to get the Skill Point:

Cacti #1: Next to a Hut at the start of the level.

Cacti #2: Towards the end of the skeleton ribcage, to the left, you’ll find the cacti perched at a ledge.

Cacti #3: In front of the skull entrance to the tunnel.

Cacti #4: Take a quick left once you enter the tunnel.

Cacti #5: Glide to the first island once you’ve left the tunnel to get this cactus.

Cacti #6: To the left of the Exit Portal and Glug.

Cacti #7: Near the Catbats towards the end of the level.


Complete the Speedway in less than 1:15.


In the Scorch area, look for Palm Trees with coconuts. The ones with monkeys don’t count. Flame or ram all 7 Palm Trees to make them drop the coconuts:

Tree #1: There’s a flag post near where you first met Greta. Behind it, you’ll find the Palm Tree.

Tree #2: To the left of the Exit Door.

Tree #3: In the Barrel of Monkeys area. On the steps of the second area, to the right.

Tree #4: Behind Hunter.

Tree #5: Near the lone monkey tree at the far end of this area.

Tree #6: Next to the Sealed Chest.

Tree #7: In the 3rd Area, on the ledge, you’ll find the final Palm Tree.


Run the Supercharge course 3 times, unbroken. Will take a bit of trial and error to get right, try to memorize where you have to jump.


Complete the course in less than 1:15.


Beat Gulp without getting hit even once.


While fighting Gulp, Ripto can be seen sitting on his throne. To get this Skill Point, you must hit Ripto using one of the items dropped by the Pterodactyls. If you’re trying to get the previous Skill Point as well, try to hit Ripto once you’ve hit Gulp at least twice.


Complete the course in less than 1:10.


Beat Ripto without getting hit. It’d be considerably easier if you’ve attained the Permanent Superflame power-up, but those looking for a challenge can try to get the Skill Point without it.



Throughout the level, there are Potted Plants that Spyro must flame. All Trees will reset if Spyro dies or if you use a Challenge Portal. There are 8 Potted Plants:

Tree #1: At the starting point.

Tree #2: In the main plaza, over the river, and in the grassy area.

Tree #3: Zoe’s Spot at Checkpoint 2, up the ramp and to the first curve of the stone path – to the right you’ll find the tree.

Tree #4: Go to where you found the Egg for Vanessa; go the top of the structure and glide to the structure ahead of it.

Tree #5: Use the Whirlwind and get to the pool at the top of the waterfall.

Tree #6: Right to Zoe’s spot at Checkpoint 3.

Tree #7: Right of the pool where Citizen Horace is at.

Tree #8: End of the hallway leading to the Exit Portal.


Beat the Course Record – earn more than 3,200 points.


You must first free Sgt. Byrd in Midday Gardens. Once this is done, go to Molten Crater and attempt his challenge. Pick up 5 Tiki Heads and put them together on the ground.


There is a cracked wall in the Egg Thief area; supercharge into it and break it down.


You must catch a particular chicken (the Funky Chicken) that can be found swimming at the bottom of the last area of the level. Charge into him to get the Skill Point.


In one particular mini-game, you are to chase and supercharge into an Egg Thief. Once that’s done, don’t leave the area! Head to the Whirlwind in the mountain and reach the pedestal above. Reaching the pedestal will award you with the Skill Point.


Earn more than 10,000 points on the Skateboard course within the time limit to get the Skill Point.


Throughout this level you might come across Piranha Signs, destroying all 7 will get you the Skill Point:

Sign #1: Near the small island with the Whirlwind, towards the water’s edge.

Sign #2: On the right side after going through Lantern #1 and crossing the bridge.

Sign #3: Underneath Lantern #2, on the cliff’s precipice.

Sign #4: Glide over the 1st broken bridge and get to the castle. On the right, underneath the arch you’ll find the sign.

Signs #5 and 6: Cross the next bridge and you’ll find both signs parallel to each other.

Sign #7: Go to back towards the Return Home Portal and take the path to the left through the arch.

Byrd’s Base:

You must first save Sgt. Byrd by handing 700 gems over to Moneybags. After that you can access his level, in which you must kill all 8 gophers; you can kill them however you like:

Gopher #1: A small room that comes after the room with the Sealed Chest; you can blow open a door to gain access.

Gophers #2 and 3: In the lava room.

Gopher #4: In the U-shaped room.

Gopher #5: In the outdoor area, underneath the exit of the interior section.

Gopher #6: Go to the Return Home Portal and make a U-turn to the left.

Gopher #7: Near the Return Home Portal, on one of the raised areas.

Gopher #8: On the ledges of the walls near Gopher #7.


You may have to complete the ‘Box the Yeti’ challenge before attempting this. To get this Skill Point, you must defeat the Yeti in the first 2 rounds so as to avoid going to the 3rd and final round.


You must make it around the track three times within the span of a minute and 45 seconds (1:45).


Give Moneybags 1,300 gems to free Agent 9. Now you can attempt Agent 9’s challenge at the Factory. You must get Agent 9’s power-up, and to do so you must go through several rooms filled with enemies and beat all of them.

Once done, go back to the room where you encountered your first set of enemies, look up and you’ll find a red box. Within it, you’ll find the power-up.


You must Glide to the Impossible Tower to get this Skill Point. First, find the Superflame power-up in the first half of the level.

Next to the power-up is a wall that you can climb to reach a balcony. You should be able to spot a Cat Wizard.

Fly towards him and take him out! Fly to the platform in front of you; charge up and jump in the air and Glide towards the Tower which will be to your left.


Go to Sgt. Byrd. Play his mini-game in which you must defeat flying Cat Witches. While doing that, destroy all 4 glass windows of the temple to get the Skill Point.


Free Bentley the Yeti by giving Moneybags 1,000 gems. Afterward, access his level and look for a metal box. Push it over the edge of the cliff to get the Skill Point.


While taking on Hunter’s challenge in the underwater area, you must destroy all Seaweed Fronds in the area with the Superflame power-up. They’re all in one area so you don’t have to hunt them down throughout the level.


Find the water stream next to a Golem throwing explosive rocks at you. Swim upstream and reach the seemingly empty area; you’ll get the Skill Point for doing so.


During the rapid water tunnel area, while playing the mini-game in which you must save a dragon egg, you must look for 4 seahorses and hit them. Hitting them in one run is not necessary; they don’t respawn and you can start over if you miss any of them.


While playing Agent 9’s mini-game in the Dino Mines: you must shoot down all dinosaurs that come your way. Towards the end of the challenge, you’ll be inundated with dinosaurs. Look for a red dinosaur and shoot it to get the Skill Point.


In Agent 9’s level, there are 7 Palm Trees. Destroy all of them to get the final Skill Point. To destroy them you’ll need the bombs that will be given to you in the tail end of the level. 3 of the palm trees are in the target dummy section, 2 more are near the first Panic Button, and the final 2 are in the side-area next to where the first bomb dispenser is.


Not only does the player gain extra lives and unlock concept art, but you get to unlock and expand the epilogue as well. Even without these rewards, this is definitely a fun challenge for any player to tackle!