Sony Files Interesting Patent For Mini-Games Coop Experience

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed another new patent today at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is quite interesting as is mentions a method for players to play mini-games together.

The mini-games are accessed through a sharing interface where one user can interact with the gameplay of another user. The extent of this interaction remains vague but it sounds like we will be able to play mini-games together.

A method for sharing a gameplay experience is provided, including executing a video game by a cloud gaming system, wherein executing the video game includes processing a game state of the video game to provide gameplay of the video game; streaming the gameplay of the video game over a network, the gameplay of the video game being defined for a first user; receiving a command to share an interactive playable portion from the gameplay of the video game; responsive to the command, sharing the interactive playable portion of the video game through a social interface, the social interface enabling access for gameplay of the interactive playable portion by a second user.

There are so many games in development for PS5 which is a great motivator to buy the next-gen console. However, games aren’t to build a solid console as you need unique and interesting features. This new patent, filed on September 5, seems like a new way for players to be social but we don’t know if it is something we will see in the next-generation of PlayStation, that is the likely conclusion though since we are so close to PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will host PlayStation Experience later this year in December. The event is believed to be where Sony will break the news of PlayStation 5. A small teaser is what we expect with a full reveal set for E3 2020.