Gears 5 Act 2 Collectibles Guide – Finding All Hidden Collectibles

Act 2 of Gears 5 continues the same tradition of all the previous games and Act 1 of Gears 5, filling every nook and cranny of the map with hidden collectibles. This Guide will help you in finding them all for the inevitable trophy that awaits at the end of the game.

Gears 5 Act 2 Collectibles

There are a total of 36 hidden collectibles in Act 2 of the game, scattered across 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 – Recruitment Drive

Hand-carved Riftworm Flute
Once you’re through the gates, instead of going down to the village, head right into a building. Head downstairs and go the room in the right, the collectible will be on a countertop.

Ilima City License Plate
Go to the village, move past the fruit stands and head to the furnace. This will be on the right side of the settlement. There will be a metal platform in front of the furnace, the plate is on the side of this platform.

Lost Gear Helmet
Continue to explore the village until you reach a large statue in the courtyard. Ignore any directions provided to you and go behind the statue towards a bush surrounded by snow. You’ll find the collectible midst the snow.

Wooden Lancer Toy
Continue to explore the village until you come across a little boy hurdling insults at you. Keep an eye on where he’s hiding, once he’s left his hiding spot, search it and you’ll find the Toy there.

Major Howl and the Battlin’ Ants
Close to the last collectible, look to your left and find a shop with a giant fish on the wall and a boat being used as a counter. Next, to the counter you’ll see a glass counter with a lamp on top, the collectible is on the front side of the glass counter.

New Village Rules Mandate
In an area where several mechanics are working, look for a set of lockers inside the first room. The collectible is on the front of one of these lockers.

Note to the Chief
Continue through the level until you’ve reached the next section of the village. Just before heading downstairs to meet the Chief, go to the room on the left. There will be a table with a kettle on top. Next to the kettle is a note which is the collectible.

Norsko’s Letter
Start heading for the Chief but remain on the right side. Just before getting to your destination you’ll come across some wooden boxes; the letter is on top of them.

COG Tags: Oscar Diaz
After speaking through the Chief and dealing with the subsequent Swarm attack, you’ll be told to go through some doors; don’t. Instead, go to the buildings on the right-hand side, into a room with no lights. You’ll find the tags in there.

Outsider Skiff Schematic
Go to the room where you found the mechanized Silverback – this is when you need to protect the lab. There will be a box in an open window, the collectible is inside.

Chapter 2 – Into the Wild

Grindlift Maintenance Notes
This is the first open-world area, so collectibles will be a bit more out of the way now. Go to the train tunnel area (side mission) and fight the carrier. Once finished, look for a train carriage, break down the door and get the collectible.

Faded Photograph
Leave the tunnel but follow the train tracks. Follow the tracks until you come across a dilapidated train carriage out in the snow. Inside the carriage, you’ll find a skeleton, next to it is the photo.

Islander’s Lost Earring
Before continuing with the main mission, go to the old COG Wall. To the east of the COG wall you’ll find an overturned vehicle; next, to it are corpses and weapons, you’ll find the earring amidst all the carnage.

Lena’s Journal
You’ll find this just before completing Chapter 2. In the Outsiders’ Camp, near the tents, you’ll find it.

Chapter 3 – Forest for The Trees

Intercepted Letter
In the first building, you enter once the chapter starts, head right when Del goes left. On top of a metal desk, you’ll find the letter.

Sovereign Directive 10345
Once inside the facility, look for medical rooms. In one of these rooms, there will be a slab in the center; in that room, in the far left corner, you’ll find the collectible.

Patient Analysis: AX-331-2
Continue going through the facility until you get to a room with medical gurneys and several bloody body bags next to IV bags. You’ll find the file on the left side of this room.

Patient Analysis: EV-184-9
After you’ve entered the Observation Area, look to the left and search for a table with a computer on top, the file is in front of the monitor.

Patient Analysis: RK-619-4
When searching for Niles, remain on the right side and look for a room with a slab and a dead Locust on top of it. On the left side of this room, on a table underneath some IV bags, there’s the report.

Timeworn Data Drive
Look for a server room (it’ll be downstairs). On the right side, there will be a series of computers, the collectible is on the rack of computers.

Chapter 4 – The Source of It All

Security Memorandum
Go to the Eastern Communication Tower substation, this will be North-West of the Tower. Look in the corners of the substation to find the memorandum.

Krav’s Locust Tag
Go to the Old Derrick; south-west of the Northern Communication Tower. Don’t enter the Derrick, look to your left and you’ll spot a skeleton; the tag is next to it.

Grindlift Actuator Component
Go inside the Old Derrick now, fight off the Swarm once you’ve encountered them. Go to the West (left) side of the site and look for a hatch. After opening it you’ll be attacked once more by Swarm; beat them and search the hatch.

Lena’s Scribbles
Inside the North Communication Tower.

Orders from Ketor Skorge
Go to the Central Old Derrick site. Go up and beyond the flag, look for a skeleton near broken machinery.

Grindlift Radiator Component
Go inside the Central Old Derrick. Fight any enemies you encounter and look for a hatch. The collectible is inside.

Letter to Momma
Make your way towards the Eastern Radio Tower and go to the ridge near it. Look for a crashed, frozen vehicle; there will be boxes in front of it, the letter is on top.

Frayed Pouncer – Tooth Necklace
Go to the mine site and head into the mines until you reach an area with some open buildings. The necklace can be found inside one of these buildings.

Nethercutt Mining Poster
As you’re getting closer to your objective, stick to the left-side wall. Once you’re about to pass through a large doorway, you’ll spot the poster on the left side of it.

Nethercutt Miner’s Journal
You’ll find this in the main Old Mine Area. Look for a kitchen/lunchroom, the journal is on top of a table.

Chapter 5 – Dirtier Little Secrets

Nethercutt Helmet
After being given an objective to power up the generators, walk backward and to the right into a cave. Look for an area with a flat, icy surface; in the center of this area, you’ll find the helmet.

Subject Analysis: UL-119-2
Once you’re in the frozen lab inside the facility look for a hatch off on the sidewall. Next, to the hatch, there is a desk, the analysis is on it.

Subject Analysis: TE-872-3
After the cutscene with Niles, turn to your right and you’ll see the file on the floor.

Lexigram Board
Can be found when chasing the robot. When you reach a doorway with frozen Locusts, look to the right for a corpse. The board is at its feet.

Subject Analysis: EV-184-9
Can be found in the room where you switched off the lockdown. Before leaving the room, look for a desk with medical equipment.

Towards the end of the level, you’ll come across a cell. You know it’s the one if there are a mat and some cushions on the floor; the collectible is in the center of the floor. This is the final collectible for Act 2!

Stay tuned on how to find all the collectibles for Act 3!

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