Check Out All The Gears 5 Action In Its Newly Released Launch Trailer

The launch of Gears 5 is just around the corner, so The Coalition decided to release its launch trailer today. This is an advanced trailer that shows us some of the content that the latest installment of the franchise will offer us.

The launch trailer is full of action and shows sequences of modalities such as Escape, Versus, Arcade and Horde. Of course, we also see a bit of its history and its epic campaign. As if that were not enough, the title will have a complete map builder.

All this together will offer the most ambitious experience of the franchise launched so far. Finally, the trailer gives us a look at the character of Dave Bautista, who will be in the multiplayer mode and will use the team of the legendary Marcus Fenix. Below you can see the trailer for yourself.

I remind you that Gears 5 will officially debut on September 10. However, there is a way to play it earlier. To have early access, you must have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Gears 5 Ultimate Edition subscription.

Gears 5 is the new installment of the iconic third-person action saga Gears of War. This time the protagonist of this shooting adventure will be Kait Diaz, betting to return to the roots of the series and show a more innovative and risky graphic and artistic style. In addition, it will be the first Gears of War game that adopts a structure similar to that of the open world.

Kait will be a more agile, fast, capable and dynamic character. In this way, The Coalition wants to encourage shootings without coverage, something that to date had not been too common in the saga. Melee weapons, unprotected fighting and disputes with several enemies and aliens at the same time, will be very important in Gears 5.

This adds more variety to development, which will shift from action to stealth and from terror to exploration. Thus, the fifth part will take us to cross wide frozen stages aboard a skiff, descend through caves and mountains or visit new environments of an unusual scale in the series.

The development team wants Gears 5 to surprise the player with its scenarios, which can now freely explore them, moving from red dune deserts to long icy lakes and snowy mountains. Forests, jungles and ruins and settlements will also be very present.

Microsoft wants the game to be a graphic and technical exponent and therefore it has been decided to bet on large stages and open spaces.

Every fan of Gears of War has known that Dave Bautista, actor and WWE superstar, has long shouted to be part of the universe of The Coalition. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier in the article, the dream did come true, although not in the way we expected. Although it is unknown if he will appear in the Gears of War movie, it is a fact that we will see him in Gears 5.

The appearance of Dave Bautista was definitely a massive accomplishment for the Gears 5 game. I mean, did you ever imagine that Dave Bautista would appear in Gears 5?