Ninja Gears Of War Stream Happening Tonight, See Campaign For The First Time

If you’ve been interested in Gears of War 5 during the lead-up to its release, you’ll be in luck if you get on Mixer tonight, where a Ninja Gears of War stream will be happening and showing off the game’s campaign for the first time. You can watch it at 5 PM Central time.

Ninja was the first big stremaer to make the transfer from Twitch (the vastly preferred streaming platform for most of the video game streaming community) to Xbox’s own personal platform Mixer, a move that generated a small amount of controversy.

It’s likely that Microsoft wanted him on Mixer partly due to his popularity, which also likely explains why he’s getting the opportunity to play through Gears of War 5’s campaign before anyone else can when the game releases on September 6.

Gears of War 5 continues the new story of Gears of War as humanity continues to fight the Swarm, an evolved form of the Locust Horde that might have more connections to other characters than we were first led to believe.

The game will focus on Kait Diaz, whose mother was kidnapped by the Swarm in the previous game Gears of War 4, and will now apparently be embarking on a journey to discover her true heritage in the company of JD Fenix and Del Walker, once again bringing up the history of the Locust Horde.

We don’t really know much about what will be in the Gears of War 5 campaign, so the Ninja Gears of War stream might actually work out in favor of Microsoft as a selling point for the series. Of course, that depends on how much traffic Ninja’s stream gets.

The Ninja Gears of War stream will be happening tonight at 5 PM Central Standard Time, so if you own an Xbox One and are interested in what Gears of War 5 looks like, keep in mind that time in your own time zone and get on Mixer tonight to take a look.