Konami Console Games Suddenly Company’s Top Priority In Enormous Backslide

Japanese game publisher Konami is suddenly assuring people that Konami console games are the company’s top priority, and that they are also working on more games that will be coming out in the future. However, considering their past history, is this actually true, or them covering their butts against gamers?

Konami supposedly took itself out of the console gaming industry when they had their enormous falling-out with Hideo Kojima back in 2015, which included releasing Metal Gear Solid 5 unfinished, killing Silent Hills, and announcing they’d be focusing more on other non-console markets.

The announcement, along with other news that came out about how Konami treated its employees and Hideo Kojima, made them one of the most-hated companies in gaming. While they still released a number of other games since then, they haven’t released a full-on Triple A game in four years.

Exactly why they’re suddenly back on Konami console games after four years of alienating their fanbases with pachinko machines of all descriptions has yet to be really determined, but at the same time the company hasn’t been completely out of the console game market.

Since their falling out with Hideo Kojima, various Konami console games like Metal Gear Survive, a remastered pack of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, and various Pro Evolution Soccer titles (not to mention mobile games like Yu-Gu-Oh: Duel Links) have still been released.

Their upcoming release, however, will be a Contra game known as Contra: Rogue Corps, which will give the franchise a makeover with a large number of new characters as well. However, that doesn’t mean the company will be off the hook, especially with Silent Hill and Metal Gear still out of the reach of most fans.

Exactly what Konami console game is cooking up in the future remains to be seen, but it will likely be a very long time before Konami is trusted by any gamers again.