Death Stranding Main Menu Looks Pretty Simple

While this isn’t much to go on but since Kojima rarely shares anything related to Death Stranding, we can have to go by tidbits every now and then.

Hideo Kojima took to his Twitter account and shared the main menu screen of Death Stranding. The screen is as simple as it gets it seems. There doesn’t seem to be anything other than the basic “press start” and “options” but since the image is cropped, we can’t see what’s going on.

An interesting speculation is that the strands you see form letters around the bottom of the screen. Hideo Kojima’s latest game is a mystery, the same is the case with its main menu, it is a complete mystery.

Well, there is some information that’s been circulating about the game recently. Apparently, Death Stranding is no longer a PS4 exclusive game. Sony delisted the game from its upcoming PS4 exclusives list for 2019/2020. The list now features the likes of The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and more.

When you think about it, it was never a PS4 exclusive game. Some fans were able to dig up a PlayStation blog post that mentioned a PC version of the game. However, Sony deleted this post, probably to hide the fact that this game isn’t an exclusive title.

Sony itself confirmed that the game is coming PC but after the release of the PS4 version. Death Stranding is releasing on PS4 this November so the PC version is expected by 2020. An announcement should be made but again, it will be after the release of Death Stranding PS4.