Control Hidden Areas Locations Guide – Get More Ability Points

Control is full of Hidden Area Locations on the map which you are bound to miss if you do not explore every nook and cranny. This guide would help you with these places in case you miss any. We would be covering ten hidden area locations, exploring each of which would land you one extra Ability Point.

Executive Affairs
On top of the big stone pillar. Use the Ground Slam Ability for an extra height boost as it may seem daunting to reach the top.

Communications Department
To explore this Hidden Location, you need to have played through the Side Mission called “Old Growth”. Before starting that mission, Dr. Burnhill will give you some immunization pills that protect Jesse against the effects of the Mold.

This Hidden Location is found next to the one in the mailroom. Without the pills, you would die a slow death. Use these pills and simply walk through the room to unlock the Ability Point.

Access Corridor
Go to the Maintenance sector level corridor and levitate on to one of the objects in the room to be able to comfortably reach a hole above. Now levitate once more to access another hole above you.

Lastly, levitate towards the light. Cross the area until you can levitate down. Progress through the holes and the platforms until you can see a door leading you back to the area where you started from.

Break Room
This one is in the proximity of the janitor’s office. The room where you fell through the floor and have unlocked the Evade Ability, there’s a hole in the ceiling that teleports you to an Astral Plan area.

Levitate to use it. Now, enter the hole and move from pillar to pillar, after that levitate through the light at the end of the area. Using levitate and evade together would make things simpler.

Pump Station
You should fast travel to the Control Point called “Ventilation”. Move towards the Janitor’s office. Enter the office and open the door on the left. Keep moving until you reach a fan or sewers area.

There would be a dead-end, levitate to the right from there to discover alcove in the wall.

NSC Power Plant
This one is quite simple. Levitate to the top of the NSC Plant, the very top!

Black Rock Quarry
There is a hole between some rocks at the entrance of the Black Quarry mine. This would lead you to a mold-infested area.

You can now either levitate or launch a nearby forklift to destroy the wall blocking the way. Since there is mold here you cannot proceed without the immunizing pills from Dr. Underhill.

Furnace Chamber
Near the area where you come across the astral monster is a door. There is an alcove above and is accessible to you.

Levitate to climb the platforms, follow the sewers until you come across a door that would lead you back to the Furnace Chamber. When you get to the area where the Furnace chamber is the Ability Point would be unlocked.

Central Research
Levitate to an area above the glasses in Central Research, then enter the office, then open the door. Surrounded by the mold would be a second door which you would have to open.

Avoid interacting with the radio to circumvent fighting mold hosts and enter. Enter the room and move up the stairs to unlock the hidden ability.

Simply enter the room and then climb the stairs to unlock hidden location ability. This area is inaccessible as well unless you get the immunizing pills from Dr. Underhill.

Active Threshold
In Central Research, you’ll find an area infested by mold. There is a big hole in the ground near it which is accessible only after unlocking levitate. Completing side missions for Dr. Underhill would lead you to a wide area.

To the right is the entrance to a restroom. Enter here and you would discover a hole in the ceiling, levitate to it.

These are all the Hidden Areas Locations you can find in Control.

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