Borderlands 3 Preload Will Come 48 Hours Before Game Releases On All Platforms

We’re now just two weeks away from Borderlands 3 being released on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. With all of that also comes the prospect of pre-loading for those who have pre-ordered the game. Gearbox has announced that the Borderlands 3 preload will come 48 hours before the game releases on every platform.

The company put out a release schedule today that told everyone in every region worldwide exactly when they could expect to be able to start playing the game, even if you don’t have the option to preload it before it releases.

The release times are actually fairly unified on consoles; while people in the Pacific Daylight Time zone (basically the North American West Coast) will be getting the game available at 2100 their time on September 12, every other time zone on earth will have it available at midnight, September 13.

The PC version however is a great deal more screwy. Since Borderlands 3 will be releasing on the Epic Games Store there won’t be a Steam preorder option, but (despite claims to the contrary made months ago) there apparently will be a Borderlands 3 preload for the Epic Games Store.

Otherwise, Borderlands 3 will be going live on PC at 1600 PDT, 1900 EDT, 2000 BRT, Midnight BST, 0100 CEST, 0100 SAST, 0200 MSK, 0700 SGT, 0800 JST, 0900 AEST, and 1100 NZST. So, if you’ve preordered the game on PC, you might want to make with the pre-loading just in case you forget.

Borderlands 3 promises to be the biggest Borderlands game yet, with a huge amount of guns, various new locations, new villains, and new Vault Hunters to take on yet another chaotic and hilarious journey across the planet of Pandora.

So, whether you’re going to be playing the game on the Playstation 4 or Xbox One, or going to the Epic Games Store to buy it for the PC, keep these times in mind so that you’ll know when the game goes live, and be sure to make use of your Borderlands 3 preload if you preordered the game.