Astral Chain File 5 Walkthrough Guide – Defeating the Beast Nemesis, Beast Legion

File 5 of Astral Chain is titled “Accord” and has nine red cases that are all located within Harmony Square Station. This Astral Chain File 5 walkthrough details all of these cases to help you easily complete the mission.

Astral Chain File 5 Walkthrough

First, head to the Medical office to talk with Brenda about what happened with Akira after the events of the previous file. She’ll direct you to the roof so you can go to the helicopter. You have to go to the Restricted District to meet Akira in the Aegis Research Institute.

You’ll need a pass to explore the Institute so talk to one of the receptionists then head back to Brenda and you’ll get a Pass. You’ll then be able to visit Akira in the intensive care unit.

Do a few blue cases after the previous interaction. The Best Medicine case can begin once you visit a blue marker. In this, you need to get a Lappy Doll from Brenda who is in the green area on the map.

After talking with her, head to the room with the Lappy Fan to end the case.

The Escape Artist case can be started once you go to the Blue Marker that has the two men fighting with each other. One of them runs so catch him with your Legion’s chain to complete the case.

You’ll then get a call from Olive and have to head back out to the helicopter. Head to Harmony Square and down to the Subway but only do so once you’ve gotten all unfinished business taken care of as you can’t return.

Alicia will tell you about a Chimera attack and some civilians you need to rescue then lead you down to the platform.

Turn on your IRIS from the green circle on the map and you’ll find you first civilian ahead below a huge hole in the ground where the subway trains are.

Open the train with your Legion’s Arm and go inside. Use your Legion’s Arrows to destroy the lasers and then escort the woman back to the subway area where you started.

To find the next civilian, head down the stairs next to the same train and then turn right. Saving the civilian you find will result in him marking the remaining one on your map. Go to him in the green circle on a train platform.

Trying to save the last civilian will result in a boss fight against Zeus, a giant frog, and his smaller minions. Take down the smaller ones with your Arm while you daze the big guy. Once that’s done with, escort the civilian back to safety.

After the civilians have been saved, go to Alicia following her call. You’ll then have to chase a Chimera that’s marked by a waypoint on your map so go to it to start the Deimos boss fight.

This boss occurs eventually when a cutscene initiates it. It starts you having to wander through smoke while protecting yourself with your Arm. Drop down from the gap and you’ll reach the fight.

Deimos is quick and can fly to evade you while attacking. The boss does a lot of damage so study his patterns and then plan your attacks accordingly.

Long-Range combat with your Arrow Legion is the way to go during this fight. Once he’s down, you’re taken to another boss fight.

You’re transported to the Astral Plane after fighting Deimos and this time you have to fight against the Beast Nemesis which works pretty much like Deimos except close range attacks are a viable option this time so it’s easier.

Just take out his minions to get health while beating him.

Mind the energy balls he throws at you and his charge up attacks. Your arrows will be helpful against both. Also, watch out for the mines in the area.

Winning this fight rewards you with the Beast Legion which makes platforming that much easier. You can ride it with L and dodge with B. You can get past obstacles using this item while on your way up.

After you’re done with another phone call, you’ll have to get to an objective. Once you reach it, you’ll have to fight off some ground and flying enemies.

Use your arrow to bring down the flying types and then take out the ground ones with your sword.

Proceed forward until you reach a platform that you can destroy with the Beast and then use your Legion to move past pressure plate until you reach another fight.

This time you’re fighting winged chimeras so use your Arrows again.

After the previous fight, you’ll be notified of the drone’s location. Go towards it while using your Beast for platforming. The drone will send you in search of parts to repair itself.

The first piece is an organic battery that is up the stairs to the left of the drone. Press A to give your Beast the scent for the next item; the Biosensor.

You’ll have to take down an enemy by digging and then attacking him with your usual attacks.

The drone is known as HAL and you can proceed after giving it the parts. Ride up the elevator with it and get past the pillars by chaining them up. Get past the platforming area by being careful and riding the Beast.

Eventually, you’ll reach a platform that takes you to the next floor. Just use your Arm to move the pressure plate and make the wall give way for your convenience. After a while, you’ll encounter Jenna and she’ll run away.

Go to the subway, clear out the remaining foes and then Olive will call you and the file ends.