The Outer Worlds’ Morality System Rewards You For Lying

It’s not surprising to know that The Outer Worlds has a morality system. Every role-playing game asks players to decide between black and white. In addition, Obsidian Entertainment is one of the few developers that has managed to consistently deliver a high quality storytelling based on choices and consequences. The Outer Worlds just takes those moral dilemmas to a new level.

According to a preview published in the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine, the hardest job for you in the game is going to be telling the truth. Understand that having conversations is one of the main design policies of the game. For this purpose, Obsidian Entertainment has placed an ample amount of non-playable characters at every corner. Basically, if you’re not shooting, you’re talking.

However, not every non-playable character has a mission to give. Those that do, though, will try to test your morality. Speaking the truth in these cases will likely make your job tougher. In such a harsh world where everyone’s trying to get a piece of someone and survive, folks won’t like it when you tell them to go to hell. You can, obviously, but telling lies is where the fun lies.

For example, there’s a mission where you have to track down a drug-stash. You can lie to the drug leader and keep the drugs for yourself, using them for whatever purpose later on. There’s another mission where you have to track down a missing son. You can lie to the weeping mother about the fate of her child. Similarly, a shop vendor who wants you to track down his stolen goods. You can lie and keep them for yourself. If you consider yourself honest in the real world, The Outer Worlds’ morality system will change you.

The thing is that The Outer Worlds actually rewards you for dishonesty. There are even situations where you have to lie your way out of trouble. Lying is so hard-encoded in the game that you might think it’s a feature, and you’d be right in that assumption. There are actually perks that help you lie better. Note that the perks of your companions can buff your own. “Bonus Support Lie”, like the name suggests, is one such companion-perk that increases your lying skills.

Interestingly, senior designer Brian Heins has stated that the main story will be in shades of grey. It won’t be exactly good or evil, which is what political themes are usually about.

The Outer Worlds is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. There’s a Nintendo Switch version in the works as well and as a reminder, the PC version will exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first year.