Hideki Kamiya Responds to Fans Saying He Hates PlayStation

The developer of Astral Chain, Hideki Kamiya, responded to the high demand of a PS4 iteration of his latest game. Some of the fans accused him of hating PlayStation as rarely his games ever make it to Sony’s platform.

On Twitter, he responded to the community by saying that he is just a game developer trying to fulfill his contractual obligations. His Twitter, which is Japanese, is translated below for you. In short, no Astral Chain PS4.

Would be great to have Mario, Zelda, and Metroid too but…As for do I hate PlayStation, I’m just a video game developer fulfilling my contractual obligations, maybe you can try asking my publisher and investor Nintendo?

So there isn’t going to be a PS4 version of Astral Chain just like there aren’t any Mario and Zelda games on PlayStation and Xbox. Astral Chain released on Nintendo Switch exclusively a few days ago and has since seen tremendous praise from the critics.

Astral Chain is only one game so don’t be disappointed as you can play other Platinum titles on PlayStation. Nier Automata, Bayonetta, and other Platinum Games titles are available on consoles and PC.