Hideki Kamiya Responds After A Week Of Astral Chain Review Bombing

The console war transcends Internet forums and have now reached Metacritic, where some players have made war against Astral Chain and have decided to punish the game with very low marks in the review section for users. This is all quite unfortunate, as I have personally played the game, it was really good and don’t deserve bad ratings.

We know this phenomenon as review bombing and refers to the fact of bombarding a game with negative reviews to complain about it. Titles such as Borderlands 3 or Metro Exodus have lived it in their own ways, although in these cases it was because of its announcement as an exclusive game to the Epic Games Store.

Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames, who is always very active in his social networks, answered a user who has asked him a question in that direction.

And the thing is that it does not only refer to whether Astral Chain is going to be on PS4, but also asks if he hates PS4.

Here is his tweet but translated in to English:

It would be great if Mario, Zelda and Metroid came out on PS4 too, but do I hate PlayStation? I’m just a developer who fulfills my contractual obligations, so I don’t know, maybe you should try asking my publisher or Nintendo’s investors.

The issue of review bombing also brings digital stores upside down. Steam has had to take action several times against this practice that is becoming so common in today’s video game industry.

In any case, Astral Chain has garnered great reviews worldwide by multiple outlets. Here at SegmentNext, our verdict was 9. I invite you to read the review if you have not already done so.

Here is an extract from our review written by Ahmadshah Sherjan:

The bland protagonist and multiplayer features of this game are the only things that hold it back. Besides that, you’re looking at one juicy gaming package to sink your teeth into. Good luck gamers, we live in a Society.

Astral Chain as you will know is not the only Platinum Games title that is currently underway. The Japanese developer is working on the expected Bayonetta 3, which we unfortunately still do not know the final details about.

Astral Chain, as mentioned above, is developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo for the handheld Switch. As part of a special police unit, you must stand up to mysterious alien-looking beasts that have invaded the world.

In the Ark, a multicultural city of the near future, the disaster is triggered when portals to another dimension suddenly appear. Dangerous beasts emerge from them and begin to attack people and contaminate everything; the police are unable to face them.

The only hope is the special Neuron Police Unit, created to stop the threat.

I remind you that Astral Chain has released last month, August 30, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. A PS4, Xbox One or PC release of the title is probably highly unlikely, but we will have to wait and see what happens.