Astral Chain Outfits Unlocks Guide – How to Customize and Unlock New Costumes

Even though in Astral Chain, you play as a police officer, you don’t just have to get through the whole game with just one outfit. There are many ways that you can change the outfits in-game or even get new ones. If you want to customize your previous outfits you can even do that. You just need to do a few things to unlock new outfits or customize the ones you have and that is where our Astral Chain Costumes guide will help.

Astral Chain Outfits Unlocks

The first thing that a player can do to get more new outfits is performing better in the game. At the end of each file game has a way to evaluate a player’s performance. Players will be graded on their performance through a specific file.

All you need to do is perform well during your missions and do everything as it is mentioned. Also, you can do those side quests to get even more points and better performance.

When you complete a file, definitely you are going to get your rank increased by some extent, depending on your performance. And as you increase in rank you get a new piece of clothing along with a health boost.

There is another way to unlock some unique clothing items as well that is by completing the order. You get a lot of resources by completing these orders. All you need to do is give a little more time to each file.

Roam through the map and don’t rush through it. You will be surprised by seeing so many clothing options there are at the end.

Now to change these clothing items that you just required, you need to open team options and go to floor b2 of Neuron HQ which is the main location.

Here you will see that you can change your clothing and other accessories that you have acquired throughout the game. You can even change the outfits in the locker that you have in the future and add some more and remove some.

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