Gearbox Software Announces Homeworld 3 At PAX West 2019

Gearbox Software had their presentation at PAX West 2019 today, and among the various other announcements of ports and expansions that they made came a special announcement from Blackbird Interactive: Homeworld 3 is coming after years and years of waiting. Though we don’t know much about it, we do know Blackbird is excited.

Previously, Gearbox had released a Homeworld-related teaser trailer to their YouTube page a week ago, hinting at what was to come at PAX West. Now that we finally know what it is however, now comes the wait.

Homeworld 3 will be the long-awaited continuation of the Homeworld series, which aside from the remastered games several years ago has been a somewhat-dead IP. Since Homeworld 2 released back in 2003, no new games have been made for the franchise other than Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

However, while Deserts of Kharak was a prequel, showing how the people of Kharak discovered the Guidestone that would eventually, after much suffering, lead them to their ancient homeworld of Hiigara, Homeworld 3 will be a sequel, and fittingly, this announcement came just before Homeworld’s 20th anniversary.

Homeworld 2 originally ended with the promise of a new Golden Age for the galaxy, as the three Hyperspace Cores that the Hiigarans gathered over the course of the game opened a hyperspace gate network known as the Eye of Aarran.

Homeworld 3 will likely focus around the Hiigarans entering this gate to explore the rest of the galaxy, and likely facing some new threat along the way. Since Blackbird Interactive has a number of folks from the original Homeworld teams, this has been a long time coming not just for fans of the series, but its developers too.

Alongside Homeworld 3, it was also announced that a Homeworld mobile game would be getting released next year. Anyone who contributes to Homeworld 3’s Fig page will be able to get priority access to that game when it comes out.

In the meantime, while the new Homeworld game has no plot and no release date, hopefully Blackbird will be able to show off what they’ve learned in the 16 years since Homeworld 2 was first released. To see the new trailer for yourself, just follow this link.