New Planetside Arena Trailer Promotes Game’s Early Access On September 19

Several months ago, we announced that Daybreak Games, was making a new Planetside game known as Planetside Arena. Now, a new Planetside Arena trailer has been released, advertising that the game’s Early Access period would be starting on September 19. You’ll be able to take part in that period by buying the game.

Planetside got its roots in the original Planetside game, which boasted thousands of players fighting for supremacy over the planet of Auraxis. There were three factions: the Earth-loyal Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, who were rebelling against the Terrans, and the Vanu Sovereignty, who worship alien technology left behind on Auraxis.

The three factions each have different distinct looks and colors, which made for a very colorful and chaotic battlefield. However, Planetside Arena seems to be taking a different approach to the formerly tried-and-true formula.

Unlike being a free-for-all war game like the last two Planetside games, the Planetside Arena trailer shows that it will be something of a Battle Royale game, with far less available players but more modes to work with in terms of gameplay.

In Planetside Arena, the three factions have fallen, leaving various mercenaries to rise in their place and form factions of their own. There will be three different game modes, as well. There will be a 100-person free-for-all mode, a 102-man three-player team mode, and a mode called Massive Clash, which divides players into two different 250-man teams.

In the FAQ that came along with the Planetside Arena trailer, players will only be able to access the Squad and Team modes in matches of over 300 players. We’ll likely be getting more modes after the game comes out in full, plus more updates while the game’s in Early Access.

If you want to see the Planetside Arena trailer for yourself, just follow this link. Otherwise, you can buy the game now, or buy it when it becomes available on Early Access. The game will be coming to the Playstation 4 and PC once it’s fully released, but for now is PC-exclusive.