Destiny 2 Going Down the “Battlepass” Road

From October 1st, as a way to unlock rewards, Destiny 2 will get 100 ‘Season Ranks’.The users will be provided with two rewards tracks: an absolutely free track available for all players, and the other track will be for those who are already sporting a season pass.

Getting down to brass tacks, this is essentially the same as the ‘battle pass’ system implemented by Fortnite, however Destiny 2 director Luke Smiths states that despite the similarities this system will have with other games, players will not be hindered or impeded in gaining XP; the player will gain XP by playing the game as they have been so far, meaning there will be no extra challenges or trials for players to complete in order to progress.

Players should be provided with a way that allows them to gain rewards in a consistent fashion that doesn’t encumber them in any way. Smith went into detail in a blog post on, where further information is provided, such as the rewards available for each rank on the platinum track (Legendary armor, a stack of Legendary shards, etc).

Smith goes on to state that a player playing strikes with “full stacks of bounties” will be able to earn a season rank in minimal time. Commenting on the pace in which many users play, Smith went on to say that buying season ranks will allow players who joined the season late to catch up with those who had taken the lead early in the season.

They’re considering on enabling this in the last few weeks of the season. All seasonal ranks will reset at the start of a new season – after the Season of the Undying, Smith states that there will be the Season of Dawn, which will offer all-new reward tracks. Throughout the year, the community has been informed of many upcoming changes, such as the game switching over to Steam, or the cross-save support, or the core game being free-to-play, and the news of seasonal rewards is the cherry on top. Arguably not on the same tier as the other changes, it still is exciting news as players will have a way to play the game and feel like they have a fighting chance!