Telltale Games Reestablished, But Not Off To A Good Start With Employees

Late last year, Telltale Games, known as the studio behind a large number of well-reviewed narrative action games, shut its doors. Now, however, news has come about two people having Telltale Games reestablished and picking up the rights on multiple unfinished games. However, they might already be off to a bad start.

Telltale Games’s collapse came as a surprise to many people, especially their employees, many of whom were laid off with no advanced warning and were given no back pay as mandated by law, which resulted in a lawsuit.

The studio collapsed so suddenly, in fact, that a new studio had to work on the final season of The Walking Dead to make sure that it actually got a conclusion. Various other projects, such as the Telltale Batman game and a sequel to The Wolf Among Us, also never got finished.

However, the two people that are having Telltale Games reestablished, Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, have been able to acquire the studio’s name as well as the rights to the various games. However, at the same time, they haven’t gotten off to a good start.

To begin with, while various former Telltale Games employees have expressed interest in coming to the new version of the studio, Ottilie and Waddle have said that the Telltale veterans they bring on would be freelancers, rather than regularly-paid, full-time employees.

Freelancers are often badly mistreated in video game development, and this attitude isn’t helped by Ottilie and Waddle saying that full-time employment would be “possible” in the future, another promise normally made to freelancers and very rarely ever kept.

While Ottilie and Waddle have both said they’re not aiming to make the same sort of mistakes that the original Telltale Games did, who knows if that will actually come about, especially in regards to former Telltale employees. Either way, with Telltale Games reestablished, hopefully it won’t repeat the mistakes of the past.