The Coalition Ending Support For Gears 4, Total Focus on Gears 5

As we get ready for the launch of Gears of War 5, there’s some sad news as well. The Coalition, Xbox’s in-house studio dedicated to the Gears franchise, is winding down support for Gears of War 5. This news was revealed by The Coalition via an emotional blogpost.

The Coalition said that they were incredibly proud of what Gears 4 had achieved. And it was the community’s feedback over the past three years that had shaped Gears 5.

Gears 4 was the first Gears of War game that The Coalition had developed. Even though it received mixed views, it seems the team took it as a learning experience.

If you are wondering how The Coalition winding down stuff will affect Gears of War 4? The Coalition have given us a roadmap.

Gears of War 4’s Ranked Season will come to an end in January 2020. “With the vast majority of the game’s population moving to Gears 5, we will be removing all aspects of Ranked play from Gears 4,” The Coalition said.

Instead of the Ranked play, Gears of War 4 will get new playlists for the Core and Competitive modes. The Coalition is changing ping and player level rules. The Coalition has done this because they think the player population will fall down. Apart from that, quit penalties will go away when the devs remove Ranked.

This also means that Gears 4 won’t be getting new events. The developers say this is because they are completely focusing on Gears 5. The achievements “Better Than Bacon” and “I Like Em Crispy” seemingly require Events. So from January 2020, the studio will update the game so the Midnight Omen and Flaming Weapon skins can be crafted.

The Coalition has expressed interest in adding a permanent XP boost for all of Gears of War 4. But the developers also said that they could not promise this.

Gears of War 4’s servers will remain online for the foreseeable future, so those who want to keep playing still can.

Gears 5 launches on September 10, but the game unlocks four days early for people who buy the game’s Ultimate edition or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.