New Shovel Knight Games Announced: Shovel Knight Dig, Shovel Knight Showdown, Shovel Knight King of Cards

Two new Shovel Knight games got trailers today, showing that Yacht Club isn’t quite ready to let everyone’s favorite shovel-wielding hero go yet. The two games, called Shovel Knight: Dig and Shovel Knight: King of Cards, will partially be a way for the studio to end the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection.

The first of the two new games we have Shovel Knight: Dig, developed as a collaboration with Nitrome. While it’s technically a platformer like the original Shovel Knight, it’s actually rather different in that instead of being a sidescroller, it will be a down scroller, as Shovel Knight digs his way deep into the Earth.

The reason for doing this? Quite possibly one of the worst things that can happen to an adventurer: someone stole his loot! The Hexcavators, a new villainous order of knights, have stolen Shovel Knight’s loot and now he has to strike deep to get it all back!

The second of the two new Shovel Knight games is Shovel Knight: King of Cards, which stars King Knight, the last major knight of the Order of No Quarter that hasn’t gotten his promised game, after Spectre Knight and Plague Knight.

King of Cards will tell King Knight’s story, including how he seized the throne of his castle and how he came to join the Order of No Quarter to stand against Shovel Knight. Along with all of the new moves you’ll have as King Knight, and all the new mechanics, there will be a minigame you can play!

The minigame, a card game known as Joustus, will apparently be available to play in various taverns and appears to be similar to Triple Triad from Final Fantasy, though we don’t know exactly yet if that turns out to be true.

The third and final Shovel Knight game announced today is Shovel Knight Showdown. Previously hinted at, Showdown is a multiplayer Super Smash Bros-like fighting game where players can take on the role of one of the game’s many knights to fight one another in a variety of different stages.

While none of these games have release dates yet, hopefully all of them will be coming out at some point in the future. If you want to see the trailers for yourself, just head on over to Yacht Club’s YouTube page.