Rockstar Games Has Removed GTA 5 From Nvidia GeForce Now, Is Stadia Exclusivity The Reason?

Rockstar Games has removed Grand Theft Auto 5 from Nvidia GeForce Now online video game streaming platform which is causing industry-wide speculation that the title may go to Google’s Stadia once it launches. With over 100 million copies sold to date, GTA 5 is almost everywhere…with an exception of GeForce Now.

Just quite recently, many eagle-eyed gamers noticed that Rockstar Games’ open-world title, Grand Theft Auto 5 was nowhere to be found on the Nvidia GeForce lineup of games. When asked why GTA 5 was removed from GeForce Now lineup of games, Nvidia revealed that it is an “intentional” removal and that it is a decision made by the “devs” [Rockstar Games].

This raises the question of why Rockstar Games has removed GTA 5 from Nvidia GeForce Now. We already know that Google’s own video game streaming platform Stadia is soon to release. A lot of industry speculation seems to suggest that Rockstar Games and 2K have cut a deal with Google for Stadia exclusivity.

We already know that CD Projekt RED’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will also be releasing on Stadia in 2020. With the combination of Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA 5, every gamer who has access to Stadia will stay indoors to experience the beautiful open-world design of the two games.

On the other hand, another speculation seems to suggest that GTA 5 was removed in response to gambling laws in overseas countries. GTA Online’s new Diamond Casino update made 50 foreign governments ban the game mode’s gambling mechanics.

Since this information isn’t confirmed by Rockstar Games, Google, 2K Games or Nvidia, the best thing to do is to treat it as speculation and take it with a huge mountain of salt. Right now, no one officially knows if GTA 5 will really come to Stadia.