PlayStation 4 Consoles Production Stopped In Brazil by Sony

What originally sounded like a rumor, has now been confirmed by Sony. Sony has stopped the production of the PlayStation 4 gaming console in Brazil.

According to an official statement made by a representative from Sony with Meu PS4 (My PS4), Sony has stopped the production of PlayStation 4 consoles in Brazil.

“About the national production, in fact, we no longer have consoles made in Brazil,” the Sony rep said (Portuguese translated via Google translate).

This comes at a time when Sony has decided to cut down on prices of some PlayStation products such as PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, PSVR, and its accessories in Brazil. The price for PlayStation 4 consoles has dropped $200 BRL (about $48 USD). The price for the regular PlayStation 4 console has dropped from $2599 BRL to $2399 BRL (from $628 to $580).

We already know that Sony is trying out a lot of new things with the current state of PlayStation 4 and the upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5. So this sudden revelation that Sony has stopped the production of PlayStation 4 consoles in Brazil is very confusing.

Sony’s communication office also informed Meu PS4 (My PS4) that the end of the national manufacturing line has nothing to do with the reduction of the IPI. In addition to this, Sony also revealed that the company actually stopped the production of PlayStation 4 gaming consoles in the country about two years ago in 2017.

Exactly what the halt of PS4’s production in Brazil means for the company and gamers is yet to be known but it likely the casual player won’t be affected too much by this. Stay tuned for more information on this.