Control Collectibles Locations ’Bureau Archivist Guide

The Oldest House, the playable area in Control, is filled with collectibles that tell the backstory of the place and its people. This building is filled with all sorts of different collectibles such as Astral recordings, Records, Research, Case files as well as Video and Audio recordings. You’ll come across a lot of these when finishing missions.

Control Collectibles

This guide lists the locations and achievements for each collectible.

Strange Collection – Collect 40 Collectibles
Record Keeper – Collect 80 Collectibles
Bureau Archivist – Collect 120 Collectibles


The first collectible you find is a list of banned items. It’s at the entrance between the two metal detectors and you can collect it while walking in for the first time.

Then go upstairs and in a room to your left there, you’ll find the Bureau’s expenditure report and will briefly make note of the Bureau logo next to the TV. Proceed to the offices on the left and you’ll come upon one room that’s marked by a corner with the lights on brightly. Inside there is a Security Order you can collect that states a kill-on-sight order for someone. Keep proceeding forward along the corridor and you’ll find a dark room. Inside is a memo informing the employees to submit reports.

Head to the ground floor and to the top left corner of the floor’s map. There is a hidden room marked by couches and a pole there. Enter it in and collect the note on the table in below the painting.

Trench’s Office

When you get your first Service Weapon you can take a little look at the file on top of Trench’s desk which details things regarding the Bureau’s budget and certain employees.  The next collectible is on top of the secretary desk right outside.

Head to the security checkpoint and you’ll come across a list containing words and phrases to avoid when discussing the deaths of the Willow AWE.

After a while, you’ll be able to acquire and use a keycard to open the door adjacent to the security room. The collectible is a notification informing a family about the death of their loved one due to vague and classified circumstances.

Hug the right of this corner to find a board room with a lone file on the ground. The letter contains an agenda for a previous meeting and includes the fact that the Bureau needs a new supplier of coffee filters. In the left of this room is a recording briefing agents on what to do during a dimensional Building Shift.

Executive Affairs

After getting out of the elevator, head to the security room on the left and you’ll find a note on a small table inside. Head to the area outside of the Director’s office and look to the left side wall to find a note on top of some filing cabinets. Then enter the office and let the scene take place. The room will change when you exist as you’ll find yourself in a new corridor that leads you yo Executive Affairs. From there, enter the dark conference room to collect another note on the table.

After exiting the conference room, heard right to the projector room. You’ll find an audio recording on top of some cabinets inside. Grab the recording, leave and then head for the typing pool to collect another note from on top of a cabinet.  Then head to the shelter and pick up another note from the sink.

Go into the safe room to collect a complaint form that the agents filled out. It’s placed on top of the sink. You’ll also find a Dinner Reservation file at this corner of the area. Go to Central Executive and enter a room on the right to collect a note on top of a cabinet on the left-hand wall. Some bunk beds will spawn after you’ve freed the FBC employees and on the bottom bunk of them is a note you can grab.

Run upstairs to the top floor offices on the top floor and enter the room with a projector screen and desk in the middle to grab a note from the left side of the room.  Then head out and go to the right until you’ve moved past an alcove. You’ll then spot an office to your left that has another note to grab inside.

Head down to the cafeteria and progress through the campaign a bit more until you find yourself in a small office adjacent to the room closed off by debris. You’ll find a note on top of a cabinet on the right side of the room.  Take the stairs in the cafeteria that bring you to another Shelter and you’ll find some benches with a note on top.

Go left from the cafeteria and into the women’s restroom to find another note inside a cubicle. After cleansing the control point, you can head up and to the right of the Communications Department is a room that has a TV you can collect.

There’s another note at the stairs by the Dead Letters door that you used to enter the cafeteria. Head downstairs to get another note from an office marked by a wall that splits the room down the middle. There’s another room that’s adjacent to that room with a projector screen and filing cabinets inside with a note on top. Grab it and then head to the left side of the dividing wall to find a tv that is playing the Bureau produced show known as The Threshold Kids.

There is an office with even more dividing walls on the right side of the bottom section of Dead Letters. This office contains a note on the floor and pathway to some filing cabinets that hold another note.

Head to Pneumatics in the Communication department and proceed down the hallway until you get to a storage area with a note on top of a bench. You’ve now found every collectible in Pneumatics.

Head down the hallway towards the Mail Room and enter the room to the left of the T-Junction. There’s a note on top of a cabinet inside so grab it and then head upstairs to the upper levels. There’s an office on your right with more filing cabinets and you can collect an audio recording of the America Overnight show from next to a plant. Head back up the stairs and you’ll enter a room filled with cubicles that has a note on top of a photocopier.

Grab it and then go take care of the Hiss in the mailroom. The Mailroom has large pillars at each corner so go to the first one on the left to grab a note.

After you’ve finished exploring the mailroom, head to the next room and you’ll find another note on top of a desk at the right-hand side. There’s a recording device right behind you so grab that too.

Leave using the same door you used to enter the control room and head to the hotline chamber. On the way, you’ll encounter an overturned cart that carries another note.  Once you’ve made your way through the hallway that leads to the Hotline Chamber, you’ll reach the lobby and immediately collect a note on top of a pneumatic tube.  The reception area has another note on top of the file cabinets.

Leave the Hotline Chamber and you’ll find another note inside the Director’s office. From this point, you can open Level 01 doors like the one from this room that’s opposite to the Security Room and collect a note from inside.

To unlock another note, talk to the Pope within the Boardroom and can grab another note on the table behind him as he gives you your next mission. Play the story from here on until you’ve unlocked more collectibles and earned Level 02 clearance. Then go back to the Dead Letters and you’ll find a note behind the door on the top right corner of the room. There are more notes back in the Mailroom as well.

Getting Level 03 clearance allows you access to yet another locked door on the ground floor of the Central Executive. There’s a note on the desk. Level 04 clearance gives access to a Level 04 door on the left side of the hallway that leads to the director’s office. The room holds post-it notes and another note at the center of it. You’ll find an audio recording when you leave the room and head to the elevator.

Progress through the game more and you’ll have unlocked more collectibles in the Boardroom.  After you’ve unlocked the Levitate Ability, you can access another level of the Dead Letters.  You can find more notes inside the doors there. Head inside the door and you’ll be in a long office. You’ll find the note on top of a photocopier.

When Arish starts living at Central Executive, you can find a note on top of the folding table.

Hotline Chamber

You’ll find the first collectible in the form of a file in the chamber at the right. The file is on top of the mail slot and it explains about the new switches being opened up to the Oceanview Motel and Casino.

The next collectible is a Security Log everyone who has entered and used The Hotline area. This is located in the office right before the Hotline area.

Maintenance Sector

Head to the Janitor’s Office and you’ll find a video file of the Threshold Kids show. Watch the episode to get an understanding of the board and Astral Planes.

NSC Cooling Pumps

Enter the NSC Cooling Pumps and go up the stairs to your left that will take you to the Mission: A Good Defense. You’ll also find a special item here.

There’s a desk you’ll come across before going inside the directorial override room and it has a note on top.

Training Field

There’s a file regarding the note from Polaski at the reception area. There’s also a document about the Holiday Memories Tree the end of the obstacle course.

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