Death Stranding And The Social Strand System Concept Explained By Kojima

Death Stranding is not a stealth game, nor is it a first-person shooter. The new title of Hideo Kojima is based on the Social Strand System concept, and the game director has tried to explain what it is, again.

Although he has done it before, Kojima wanted to explain once again what this abstract concept of the Social Strand System exactly means. So the creative has put himself at the helm of his Twitter account and has expressed the following :

Since I get this question alot, DEATH STRANDING is different from stealth game. You can enjoy First Person View but not a First Person Shooter game. It’s brand new game genre that adapted the concept of strand that we call Action Game, Strand Game (Social Strand System).

I knew that the name of new genre shouldn’t be made from the creator but it should come with it later on, but forgive me I just like to name it. It’s like I named Tactical Espionage Action for MG before categorizing into Stealth game, I named Social Strand System for DS.

Hideo Kojima also quickly explained what the BRIDGES company consists of, to which our protagonist Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) belongs to.

BRIDGES was formed to reconnect the fractured society. Mama, Heartman, Deadman, are unique characters and the members of BRIDGES that support Sam. And BB with Sam, takes journey from East to West forcefully. Those including Sam have sad story behind them. Pls watch their video.

In conclusion, the Social Strand System refers to the task that players will have to carry out once they get involved in the history of Death Stranding. While building bridges in this divided society, they will learn “the value of connection” through the multiplayer facet.

Death Stranding will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in physical and digital format on November 8.