8K Resolution Won’t Define Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, Says Aaron Greenberhg

Until now, we have heard different views from supporters of both PlayStation and Xbox, about how the next generations of these consoles will take a great leap in terms of technology. Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 are also supposed to bring many features, including 8K and Raytracing. However, one of these things might not have as revolutionary an effect as was previously thought. Microsoft General Manager Aaron Greenberg believes that 8K might only play a trivial part in the next generation of consoles.

At Gamescom, while talking to heise online, Aaron Greenberg had this to say when asked about if Project Scarlett would have 8K (quote translated by Google Translate):

(Greenberg) does not know anyone developing 8K computer games.” 8K is more of a technical specification that will not define the upcoming console generation. A big 8K games offer is not to be expected, apart from the availability of 8K television.”

So even though the next-generation of consoles are supposed to arrive soon, according to Greenberg, 8K is just one of those features that will end up not being used. He doesn’t know anyone who is developing 8K games for even computers and that implies it will be a long time before people start developing such games for consoles.

He then finished by saying that we shouldn’t expect a big 8K game offering, especially since 8K TVs have not become common enough yet.

But don’t despair just yet. Here’s what he had to say when asked about 4K upto 120 fps.

“After all, games are supposed to run in native 4K. Compared to the current Xbox One X significantly higher computing and graphics performance developers are no longer required to make as many compromises as with the current generation of consoles, whose bottleneck is the relatively low processor performance. Xbox Project Scarlett will be able to spend games in 4K at up to 120 fps,”
“Players could also expect larger game worlds and higher visibility in next-gen games. In addition, the load times with the future console will be noticeably lower, which is partly due to the standard integrated SSD.”

Xbox Scarlett will be able to support 4K upto 120 fps! Does that make you excited? It sure makes us excited! For more updates, keep following Segmentnext.