PlayStation Defines MediEvil Remake As A Game With The Soul Of Dark Souls

In October, the long-awaited remake of MediEvil for PS4 goes on sale, and in an extensive article published on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has described this classic action adventure as a game with the soul of the Dark Souls series.

One of the biggest surprises is how MediEvil feels like Dark Souls… despite it releasing over a decade before From Software’s challenging fantasy epic. Realization dawns once you’re past the tutorial-like crypt and its surrounding graveyard. For one, MediEvil’s levels are compact labyrinths packed with secrets and shortcuts. Secondly, the game is tough. This is no brainless hack and slash romp: single enemies can do considerable damage, while mobs can quickly send the unwary back to the grave.

From the PlayStation Blog, they continue with the comparisons.

You need to discover or unlock new weapons first to expand your arsenal. Some of these will degrade and break in time (such as shields and clubs) or be in limited supply (throwing daggers, crossbow arrows). Combine that with some seriously challenging level design, such as a taxing climb up to Hilltop Mausoleum dodging mammoth boulders (or blocking them with a shield) and elaborate, oversized boss fights and you can’t help but be reminded of Dark Souls. Though Dark Souls was never this irreverent.

The article also dedicates a few words to veterans who once enjoyed the original, explaining that most of the original game remains the same.

This PS4 remake overhauls the horror-themed visual style but retains its Tim Burton-esque personality. It rightly refuses to tinker with the original level design, yet isn’t afraid to add the occasional, but welcome, flourish. The world map has a new look, for example, while the Hall of Heroes, a hub world in which Sir Dan is bequeathed weapon upgrades from Gallowmere’s other legendary warriors, has been furnished with additional lore.

Of course, the soundtrack has been renewed to adapt it to the new times, while the voice of the protagonist returns to re-record the dialogues.

Many other improvements enhances the sound quality, and new voices have also been included to give the action a more spectacular feeling. Among the incorporations, the voice of the new narrator, Lani Minella, who has participated in other games such as Soul Calibur VI or God of War stands out.

MediEvil Remake will arrive in stores October 25 exclusively for PS4.