Rumor: 18 New Games To Be Announced At Nintendo Direct Happening Soon

A new rumor has taken root which says that Nintendo might be airing a Nintendo Direct soon. By soon, we mean the next couple of weeks or at the latest by the end of September, and not only that, the rumor also says that there will be 18 new games announced at this Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct is basically an online presentation that Nintendo gives regarding its upcoming projects e.t.c. Nintendo gave the Indie World presentation during Gamescom, which revealed a lot of titles coming to Nintendo Switch.

Despite that, it seems Nintendo still has a few tricks up its sleeves. A purported leak seems to show that Nintendo will announce 18 new games at the Nintendo Direct allegedly happening in around a month.

The leak comes from insider Sabi. To his credit, all he leaks during the E3 and Gamescom have always been correct. It was from him that we learned the information of the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered leak.

Sabi clarifies that “seems like we’re getting closer to news,”. This is meant to tell us that he believes that new SKUs are not being added randomly. And they are not for previously announced stuff. This seems to point at a new Nintendo Direct loaded with information is on its way.

An SKU is a “stock keeping unit,”. This is used instead of the actual product if the product hasn’t been announced so that the place is reserved in a listing. The SKUs that have been added this time, have all been added in the software category for Nintendo Switch. This obviously means that it’s all about games.

18 new games require a lot of time to be announced. So the conclusion that a Nintendo Direct is happening, is thus arrived at.

Are you excited for the Nintendo Direct announcement? We sure are and we will update you when it is officially announced by the company.