Nutaku Wants Steam and Epic Games Store As Its Competitors In Porn Games

While we have all sorts of controversial stuff in games such as shooting up an airport in Modern Warfare 2, one genre remains in the shadows. That is the adult/porn games genre Nutaku seems to hold the global monopoly in. The VP of the platform, however, actually wants competition from the big boys over at Steam and Epic Games.

Regarding the presence of adult games in mainstream platforms, here’s what Mark Antoon, VP of Nutaku, had to say:

“Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it opens up the eyes of players all around the world to this industry that they probably haven’t heard about. It gives more exposure, and we don’t mind that at all, as long as they follow the same compliance guidelines that we do.”

He’s not wrong about the adult/porn games being a pretty well hidden genre either. You have to really dive deep into the dark web to find actually high quality NSFW games. Not that I..know about any. But it’s just a hunch I suppose.

He added another point to his sentiment specifically regarding what video games normally do allow. He explained how violence and aforementioned scenes like the airport shootout have been showcased before. If we can dive into that sea of content, why not a little hanky panky right?

He’s not entirely wrong either. Me personally, will be sticking to the games I love best, however, I do welcome a new genre. Even people in the video game industry have expressed their desires for something new to be done. I think this could be that step.

It’s not like video games have never showcased any form of sexual interaction before. The immensely popular Witcher 3 has a few raunchy little scenes you can indulge yourself into after putting hard work into a quest.

That’s just my take, however. The rest is upto Steam and the Epic Games Store. I wonder if adding the adult games genre might give one client an edge over the other.

Source: PCGamesn